Throw tech while blocking. Almost completely safe


Just do the hokey cokey.






Eh…can only see it being useful after a knock down like a sweep, upper cut or a special move that causes a knock down. The tech then eliminates the empty jump low or empty jump grab. But then you are free to cross ups.


I’m just gonna paste this here as an example of why this is useful:


Lol. We block overheads on reaction these days?

I’m not changing my button inputs just to do a fancy crouch tech.


Well, not exactly on reaction, though a lot of them can be. I guess I should amend that to “or on anticipation”

Against characters with fast overheads, typically I block low for just long enough to cover against fast lows, then switch to blocking high to cover against the slightly slower overheads. Delayed or slow lows mess this up though, at which point yeah… either guess or get the hell out of the way.

Edit: Online though, no chance. Probably better off just mashing something and hoping the lag benefits you more than them.


Can’t confirm this right now, but d123 does switch stance, can that os throw tech as well then?


Stance Switch is 2+3, Throw is 1+3, and MB is 1+2+3, so trying to do that will probably get you a push-block rather than the option select.


For some reason you can’t pushblock or burst with 123.


With the default button layout:
[d/b]13+FlipStance works.
[d/b]23+Throw doesn’t work.
[d/b]23,Throw works (inputting throw afterwards)
[d/b]123 doesn’t work properly, and it also causes a meter burn input.
[d/b]23,13 works.

To adjust the above behavior, you have to take note of the button order mentioned at the end of the video.
Y A X B LB RB LT RT (PS3: Triangle X Square Circle L1 R1 L2 R2)

The buttons used for Flip Stance should be to the right of the buttons for Throw in this list. If not then the Flip Stance input overrides the throw tech and it doesn’t work, in which case you have to input the throw after the flip stance input.

i.e. By default, 123 = XYA. Flip Stance (YA) is to the left of Throw (AX), so it doesn’t work properly.