Throw tech window too big?

Does anyone else feel like throw techs are too easy in this game? I’m talking about late techs not a 50/50 guess. Sometimes it feels like you have ages to tech a throw and i’ve played against opponents who refuse to be thrown no matter how hard they get mixed up. Its even more obvious in Bisons neutral game since your throw attempts come from dash ins due to his crap walk speed which makes the attempt even easier to react to.

Fuck no

The throw system is fine as it is. It’s not too wide. I don’t see the point in making the tech window even tighter. That would just be overdoing it.

I wouldn’t be opposed to making the window smaller, but you can always shimmy or nj vs late techers. you don’t need to do delayed frame traps as much

The window is waaaay to big imo.

It isn’t a guess tbqh many times. You can hide OS in it because it’s so wide. Really wish the timing for throw breaks were 3 frames less than currently.

Only thing I don’t like about throws is the range.

No. It’s fine as is.

This isn’t Guilty Gear. No need for 1-frame throw break windows.

Yeah, fuck no, crush counter shimmy setups are already enough to make people think twice about guessing a tech, no need to make it harder to execute too.

i think its maybe ok, but if they need to shave 1-2 frames off it to remove OS then ok with me

I just wish throw counters were actual guesses. The way the game is now, they are far from that. You can throw so many anti throw options into the mix… You gettin shimmied hard, adapt:

Jab instead.
Jump away instead
Backdash instead if the shimmy is out of jab range.
Walk backwards gets most characters out of jab>throw setups
Use the upback/throw OS.
And then on top of all that you get ridiculously easy huge throw break windows.

It’s all a bit much tbh.

One thing to say though is I’d be happy if throw break windows were more character specific. Like either gief has a big break window for himself since he’s a grappler, and chun has a short throw break window for herself cause she’s a girl (LOL)

Or the other way around, make characters like giefs throws have a short throw break, and maybe zoning characters have longer ones… Etc etc.

Thats just the thing iv played against players that tech throw what feels like reeeeeely late.

I shimied one of them had to walk back for like 2 seconds for him to whiff throw so I could see his timing lol. I let him whiff the throw and its obvious he was using an option select.

Now I understand a player breaking 3 even 4 consecutive throw attemps but doing it 90 percent of the time in different mix up sitiuations all the while blocking differently timed normals some of which would lead to CC and half your life gone… gtfo.

Oh and i’m not talking about only competent level players here i’ve had this happen against bronze-silver newbies that strugle to play the game properly and i’ve encountered it in some gold-ultra gold players.

Throws come out slow as it is, reducing the late tech window or at least removing the brain dead option-selects will make the game more fair imo.