Throw tech window


It’s supposed to be a wide window right?
In training mode, it seems i can hit throw tech a whole sec after the attempt.

Online…the window seems instantaneous. I keep missing it and it’s quite frankly grinding my gears.

Is this being experienced by anyone else??


It’s happen to me offline and online. Teching seems to happen whenever it feels like to me.

I’ve read throws and reacted to others but I’m not getting throw techs. It’s piss me off too cause I don’t know if I doing them early or later. Inb4 8 frames lol


The tech window can have some variance depending on your situation that you are teching in. Basically the 5 startup frames can be a part of the tech time and increase the tech throw time to around 11 frames, or if most of the throws startup frames are hidden by frame advantage or doing a throw meaty, then the tech window can be as small as 6 frames.


you have a 7 frame window to break a throw the instance it’s connected.


Now that I think about it, my throw tech misses do happen on throw meaty situations versus stare at each other for a few secs + their dash in throw attempt.

Thanks for the input guys. Makes a lot of sense now.


Ok, good to know. That means the window is 12 frames at its biggest point when counting throw startup as well.
When doing it from cr.lp, since you have to move forward to throw, that means that it’s at least a 13 frame window and more realistically a 15 frame window.