Throw teching and reversing off the crossup

Hey guys, I know there was a thread similar to this a while back, but for the life of me, I can’t find it. This time around though, I have a pretty specific question. If your opponent goes for a crossup, and you “know” at some point he’s going to go for a throw, how do you go about teching their throw if they do it at an unexpected time? There seems to be 2 methods:

1.) Crouch and mash a throw button until you think he’s going to throw, at which point to stand and piano your throws.

2.) Recognize the absence of an attack and immediatly hit a throw button. Again, when you think he’s going to throw, stand and paino your throws.

Which method proves to be most effective? Method 1 seems easier, but leaves your exposed if they don’t apply true block strings.

I don’t even understand 1, you’re not gonna tech a throw crouching and mashing is not going to help. It’s all about waiting 'til there’s a gap in the attacks, then you try to throw, assuming you’re within throw range.

You gotta reach either towards of backwards (i.e., left or right, no diagonals) to either tech or throw. Mashing while crouching only ensures you get hit if he screws up block strings composed of links (e.g., Chun’s st.str, cr.rh).

Um, maybe you guys should try this yourselves, but holding a diagonal and hitting a throw button with tech it =)

Maybe your confusing doing a reversal throw and teching a throw?

I’m not even sure you need to hit any direction. If your reaction time is decent and you’re expecting a throw you can often tech it on reaction just by slapping a button. But I’d say just use whatever works best for you.

Doh! You are correct. Shows how great a ST player I am. And the Wiki is wrong! Apologies, anyway.

Edit: OK, now I decided to do what Python said (test before posting) and applied it to what SweetJohnnyV has said. I could not tech any throw by mashing or reacting in neutral position. Only left, right and diagonals worked. I have also tried from neutral crouching, but not much, and failed.

Yeah, as sweetjohnnyv said, teching on reaction > mashing. Safer, and you’ll still tech almost every time.