Throwback tourney Nov 21-23


So i know its a bit of a ways away, but since we all know gamers are laggers i figured i give you guys as much time as possible to prepare. As some of you may have seen our trailer or heard about our tourney through streams or twitter, here we go.

I am running a special one from nov 21-23 as a 10 year anniversary of the infamous daigo parry. This tourney will include 3s, mvc2, cvs2, and yes… ST! Hopefully you guys can make it out and we have daigo and bas coming out so far to this one. Maybe you guys can help me out and get some other old school ST heads out here. Who knows, maybe even the legend Tomo might make and appearance winkwink* and we can get some HF casuals in…

But anyways, just getting the discussion going and letting you guys know what going on. We are running our super early bird special atm so if you want help everyone out by signing up early, save some money, get a free t-shirt, then go register now.



talked to el trouble a bit and hoping those of you with an undamned set up can please bring it. those who do provide this will definitely have their venue fee waived but pot monster fee cannot be avoided :slight_smile: would like to secure these set ups and have something set in stone so i can continue working on other aspects of the tourney, which might include… pot bonuses? wish me luck and see you guys soon!


I should become a Cali resident.


In other words, Tomo will make an appearance…


Just confirmed Tomo will be there on Sat nov22 to hand out ass whoopins in HF. i think we are gonna do some type of exhibition where we charge $5 for 2/3, and if you win you get a t-shirt or something cool. i dont know, nothing set in stone yet. hope this plan pans out hahah. see you guys there!