"Throwdown in Chucktown" 1/25 results

1st: DarkCow
2nd: whiteboyjin
3rd: Farseer01
5th: (tie) KiwiGohan & Tony

1st: Icege
2nd: chelgoth
3rd: The Bear
4th: BearPatrol
5th: (tie) krayzeeJL & whiteboyjin

Sorry bout the mix-up guys :slight_smile:

well where to begin.

  1. Issac didn’t show up at my house so i decided not to go.
  2. Issac did send me a PM saying that Alabama roads were icey, so i will let him off the hook

i hope to come with the whole Skillmatic crew to the one on 3/1
sorry we couldn’t make it but thanks for all the help Icege


try specifying what game was played and teams :stuck_out_tongue:

and what about the tekken!

hey…kenny had second in MVC2.


kenny did beat me. which puts me 3rd.

cable,sent,capcom cable,sent,doom guile,jin,akuma
Those are my teams

lol Guile Jin and Akuma that is some funny shit.

I missed this one cause people didn’t tell me about it till the night before.

I will be at the 3/1 tourney.

Are the games still supposed to be ttt, t4, mvc2, 3s, and cvs2. Also is this console tourney or arcade tourney?

console! w00t

“console” - just bring your MAS stick :cool:

The games will be TTT, T4, MvC2, CvS2, SSF2 Turbo, SF 3rd Strike, VF4, and SF alpha 3:p

All on Consule