throwdown in modesto home console bring ur own shit

wussup cencal its been a while since modestos thrown a tournament but on saturday september 8 patmonsta is doing a home console tournament.

Bring ur stick or controller well have at least 2 tvs with 2 ps2s runnin it will be 5$ to sign up 100% of the money will be for 1st and 2nd place well come up with something for 3rd not money though as always it will be double elimination 2/3 only cvs2 players allowed dont bring friends just 2 watch do too limited space i will provide chips soda whatever cheap snacks nothing expensive im hopeing cencal will come together for a big turnout hopefully the bay might wanna show up too aka leezy ricky o and john choi. I challenge u guys 2 try and win this money.

the address is 3609 ganado way off of the becwith road standiford exit next to vintage faire mall right off of the freeway hope 2 c everyone there peace.:rofl:

Hey, you think we could get a DoA4 tournament runnin here?

sorry only cvs2 do too space in the garage and living room

Aigh then.
I play[try to at least] a lil bit of CvS2 so I wont come down for this one, but the next one, hit me up when it happens.

I will be there pat monsta gotta hold the force

PMoney, you know you can count me in.

The best kept secret son!:cybot:

forgot to mention accepting money matches post it