Throwing at the beginning of the round


I’m pretty sure at the beginning of a match you can’t throw and/or tick throw or something. Just looking for elaboration.


Works well when your opponent starts the round with a roll. :slight_smile:


especially in MvC2


Damn, if my spidey could roll cancel, he’d be top tier.


Hmm, I think that would be a good idea especially with the likes of Cable [provided you knew the opponent’s character was slower than you]. Could prove useful and clear the immediate area.

We should make a chart to tell us the approximate speed and priority of everyone in the game’s low light attacks so we could apply this. One problem though, is the fact that some players guardpush off the bat. Still, the more options opened to you, the better off you are.

Dasrik pointed out an important fact later in the thread that I forgot to mention concerning throwing off the bat. You can’t. You’d have to tic-throw.


throwing at the beginning of the round = death

come on now yall…im glad people like to be poineers but try and throw somebody at the beginning of a round and u’ll get ur ass handed to u on a platter…know why?? YOU START OFF A ROUND IN BLOCK STUN…and tick throw…wtf…not in MvC2 guys…a good player will counter tick ur ass with his assist into an AHVB, or a magneto infinite, or a storm LAxxLSxxHSF, or a RP xx HSF.

u can’t throw people in block stun…so if u try ur fierce attack will come out, and ur fierce will die to their light…and that leads to a quick quick death. the end period.


I asked a simple question about throwing at the beggining of the match, i did not ask for your ‘advice’ on throwing. I want to find out what the specific reason is, when it goes away (if it’s timed) or what action removes it. Thanks.


I think he explained it. You are in Blockstun. That’s why you can’t throw. But I’m sure you can tick into throw.


If it was blockstun then you couldn’t attack, and you could AC for no apparant reason (since you do have a meter). None of these things apply tho.


You just can’t be thrown. Throw assists also don’t work even if they just sit there or even walk into it. Don’t know how long it lasts for though but it’s been like this I think for every vs. game. I’m assuming it’s intentional though.


Edma got it right. There is a brief moment at the beginning of the match where you just cannot throw. Also - in this period, damage is scaled pretty bad, so getting the first combo and ending it with a super is usually not the best of ideas (unless you’re Cable, in which case it’ll hurt a lot anyway. Maybe not on Sentinel.)


Hmm, i wonder how long it lasts then, i guess i’ll work with that and test later in the week and see what i come up with. Also didn’t know about the scaling, thanks.


Has somebody ever use Zangief and just SPD in the beginning of the match? Does it work or you just can’t do any throws, special or not?


OMG ahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol:

wipes tears from eyes

whoa, the damage is descaled? why is that? and how badly is it? i completly, never noticed this.


The reason you cannot throw/command grab at the beginning of the match is because of an engine property called grab protection. It has nothing to do with being in blockstun. Grab protection is what prevents you from grabbing the opponent the moment he wakes up and is the reason why a character entering the screen has to be guard broken prior to getting grabbed. Try it out for yourself, snap out the point, then jump up and try to grab the next character, you just can’t do it. He can grab you but you can’t grab him.

The only difference between the 2 examples I’ve given and the topic of this thread is that in my examples only one character has grab protection, whereas in the beginning of the round both characters have it. I’m guessing the reason why Capcom implemented this feature is to prevent unnecessary mind games and other weird crap the moment the round begins. Stuff like Gief getting a free SPD b/c even straight jumping in the beginning of the round has slight startup. And almost every character would be able to throw+Sent ground (for example) and hurt you badly right off the bat. (Storm hp grab -> LS combo, IM reverse hp grab -> inf, Cyke’s grab -> inf. and god knows what the fuck else.) Props to Capcom for not making the game even more broken. :lol:


Wierd stuff that happened when i was playing my friend. I would always hit him first at the beginning of the round so he would instead crouch block at the beginning of every match. I know throwing at the beginning of the round isnt possible so when the match started i would walk up to him and wait quick second, then try to throw him. The throw still wouldnt come out, my character (ken) would just to a s. rh but the crazy thing was i was invincible for a minute, because he would call for his cable AAA but when i tried to throw him with the rh, even tho the throw didntwork, his AAA would go right through me while my ken was doing s.rh. It happened consistently too, and only when i tried to delay the throw so that it wasnt at the very beginning of the round.

Course it’ll never work against most people who know better than to cr. block at beginning of match…so i don’t bother trying.


I’m not sure exactly how much the scaling is, but it’s there and AFAIK has been around since MvC1 (possibly before). Try opening a round with Wolverine’s B&B combo and compare it to doing the same combo 10 seconds into the match… it does about 20% less. The same is true in MvC2 - if you get a hit with Doom at the beginning of the round, doing Photon Array will do about 20% less, thus it is rarely worth it to go into super - even though I am dumb and often do it anyway.


seriously scaling? seriously?

cable’s short short roundhouse with commando does a grip

storm’s air combo with commando tacked on does a grip

if magneto gets you your snapped out with 25-50%

maybe scaling is eliminated when an assist hits. makes sense, eh?

as for no grabs…i don’t think it’s time locked, i’m pretty sure it’s do any fierce or roundhouse move or any special move or jump or superjump then you can grab.

example: i played a magneto who i was afraid of so i blocked for literally three seconds while he walked forward and then pressed roundhouse and he got the kick to come out.
ex2: but if you lowshort launch them at the beginning with basically any character you can end the AC in a throw, which is probably like 2 seconds.

i can’t picture a jab then a low short then throw at the beginning of a match, or a stand jab then throw with magneto. doesn’t