Throwing Clinic

Hey I am just getting into learning Charlie and Guile and a decent weapon in their offense is that repeating throw combo. I am having trouble doing throws with any character with any real consistency and I have played people who do them so well I know their coming and cant stop them. I would appreciate any and ALL advice on throwing.


To execute throws frequently, you have to position yourself in the right spot against the opponent. Also, your timing is key as well. For Charlie and Guile, their throws are essential to their gameplan. Aerial combo/throw, land,, Somersault or THC’s. The key is to pause for a split sec, then grab. But, your timing has to be near perfect because the opponent usually is “waiting” for your next attack against them. Charlie in particular, his grab is faster than Guile’s (aerial), so practice the timing on the cpu, to get used to it.
Note: I know youve played the cpu Charlie, in which he amazingly grabs you out of the air coming towards him (DANGIT!!!)

Corner grabs w/Charlie

While opponent is in the corner, grab them with either the hp or hk. The hp grab will slam them, and bounce them upwards. The hk knees them in the midsection, then knocks them up, then falling.

Multiple grabs

When they bounce up from the hp grab, jump in for aerial grab. Timing is vital…
For the hk grab, when they land,, cr.hp, jump in, aerial grab. Or, when theyre falling, jump in with lk or lp, wait until they drop, and quickly grab. The speed of Charlie allows for a lot of mix up and confusion, so work on his speed with the grabs.

Countering/Tech’n Out Of Throws

When your opponent grabs you, you have to press reverse direction of the grab + lk or lp. Although, some characters have really fast grabs (Sentinel, Chun-Li, Charlie, Shuma, Ryu, to name a few…)
Its kinda hard, as if youre anticipating a grab before it happens. That translated to “normal” gameplay, is basically learning your opponent’s stradegies, so you can anticipate a possible throw. Once you get the tech’n down pat, your potential and skill level will rise, because you wont have that weakness in your game anymore (which your opponent may know you have)

Even more basic is there a specific input on the throws is it diff for each character like in speed or what the move is?

Its the same input for each player, foward + hp or hk.
(Thats not including qtc grabs, where you have to perform qtc’s for special grabs). But, some have quicker actions than others. Have you seen Ryu’s standing hp grab, where he quickly slams you to the ground? Yeah, that is really quick. But players like Juggernaut, have slower input timing. Actually the attributes of the grab contribute to the speed of the grab. Understand that a bit?

So, go to training mode, do a half aerial combo (where you go up for about 3-4 hits) come down, then foward +hp or hk, and kinda determine who has faster input with their grabs. Excellent way to see which character you want to practice grabs with.

good stuff “9” lol

characters don’t have faster inputs than others grabs. once the grab starts, they just may end quicker. but the all “activate” at the same speed. no such thing as slower input timing. it’s really all about their animations. some throws also have multiple places where you can tech hit.


obviously you need to be close to perform the throw. throws cannot be performed when your opponent is in hitstun, guard stun, or twitch guard.


you call doom rocks, they hit your opponent, he is now in hitstun. you cannot throw them until they exit hitstun (for example the combo ends and they can perform an action, but you grab them in their startup)

you call doom rocks, your opponent blocks and is getting chipped by them. you cannot throw them until they stop blocking and they have no block animation occuring.

you call doom rocks far from your opponent, dash up and try to throw. your opponent is holding back, though the rocks are not even near them. they are in “twitch guard” so they cannot be thrown.

you call doom rocks far from opponent, dash up and try to throw. your opponent is not holding back so you CAN throw them. though this is an unlikely situation because your opponent will most likely start blocking from seeing this. but there are situations where you are close, and you can call assist and then quickly throw before they realize or have a chance to enter twitch guard.

guile, charlie, and cammy multi throws: you can with all 3, though they are techable and rollable, launch, 1 2 3, wait (just enough to exit hitstun), throw, land, (to OTG), cr.hp (to launch), 1 2 (because you OTGed, they end up a bit higher than before, so you take away a hit for positioning purposes) wait, throw, land, OTG again.

it generally works with all of them, though guile can use both of his throws in the corner for this. you might need to alter the hits slightly to get the correct position…mostly for charlie as he seems to SJ slower.

[quote=“BeaTs, post:6, topic:82194”]

characters don’t have faster inputs than others grabs. once the grab starts, they just may end quicker. but the all “activate” at the same speed. no such thing as slower input timing. it’s really all about their animations. some throws also have multiple places where you can tech hit.

Thats what I SAID beats, although I said input in one part, instead of action…Thats why I compared Ryu to Juggs. Thanks for clearing that up for me, I didnt want to give scrub advice. (lol)

Are you spying on me? Good, you can see I got skills…

I wasn’t sure what you were saying. but it sounded incorrect…especially since there is really no point in talking about differing “whatever”. It doesn’t affect anything.

but as long as it’s now cleared since there is no faster input/action timing and it is irrelevant to bring it up if you indeed meant animation. afaik, no such thing as faster grabs nor do you need to press opposite direction

No, I used to regularly post in MvC2 threads. they’ve been dead for a while, but I go around giving info on what I know and trying to clarify weak, unclear, lacking, or sometimes false information.

Ryu multi-throw:

HP Throw, then HP throw, etc.

This works better than it should, meaning even at all.

you mean when after they get up.

what works even better, and is even more comical (especially on PSN sents) is Sonson HP throw x infinity :rofl: killin’ ‘em wit’ scratches.

yes i mean when after they be are getting with the up

You do have to press opposite direction + lk etc. to tech out of a grab. Im sure you knew that, I guess it was arrogance of not being grabbed in a match, heh?
I dont give false info, I give solid info to those who are trying to become better in the game. There’s no need to give advice to people who are good, so I help those who are coming up in the game. I dont know what type of help you give, but Im not trying to call myself a expert in MvC2. I also want advice, cause I have flaws in my game that I need help with. Mainly, my Sentinel and IronMan uflys on the stick. Can you help me with that? I know youve perfected it, so your advice would help me own, since thats the only real problem I have in MvC2. Without it, Im like a 8.5, so that would most likely put me at 100.

You can tech out of a throw without reversing the directional input.

thank you. I was about to post. what you posted on escaping and executing throws was all wrong 9revolta.

it doesn’t need to be “reverse” also, you use HP and HK to get out of throws

also, you can press toward OR away to execute throws.

see what I mean about false/lacking information?

though it’s good that you’re trying to help. but so am I. so I’m just trying to clear up a bit about what you said. Just don’t get all defensive over it. that’s when shit starts between people. I’m not usually an asshole unless I feel the other person is first.

I forgot about all directions, mash out and all that. I forget some things, Im not really focusing on every aspect, just the basic stuff for people who are learning the game. So, my mentality is based on basic stuff, like what you’d read in the MvC2 game book for them. On the other hand, if it becomes a more advanced discussion, then I’ll switch to a more advanced mentality, thats the case.
Ive been posting for a while now, giving advice for those who are pretty new or trying to advance their game. So, my mind cant remember every thing that is relevant to my advice. Sorry…

But what kinda rubs me the wrong way is, how the mkeller guy complemented me on my advice, and some guy comes behind it and criticizes it. If he read through it and found something beneficial to his game, why would someone come behind that and try to throw salt into it? Its solid advice, not world-beater advice. If there are minor mistakes or something is missing from it, let it slide…its honest advice. Thats not a cool thing to do.

Tech’n out can be done all kinds of ways, but the basic ways are to reverse+lk or whatev. Thats what I was telling the guy who was trying to figure out how to tech out. I just gave him the basic way, I forgot about the other ways. In fact, giving the basic way is okay, since hes learning the tactic.


[details=Spoiler]and that’s why I said don’t get defensive.

he complimented you because he didn’t know any better. he clearly said he getting into learning and it’s obvious he doesn’t know much. it’s bad to give starters advice that is not only not fully correct, but missing stuff.

I suppose you also missed the part where he said list EVERYTHING about throws. or as much as you can. so I did list what you forgot to mention and corrected your incorrect parts.

there is no criticizing…and this seems to be your problem. I’m telling you important parts you’re missing, but is doubly important because of the people who read your posts and don’t know better.

it’s not that he found something beneficial, he just took what you gave him because he doesn’t know. whereas more experienced players like eczangief and I noticed the flaws and are also try to help him with more/correct info. and maybe help you a bit too.

no one’s throwing salt into anything, you’re just salty. this is the same thing as before with madtitan. you guys think you know everything and get overly defensive when we help/correct you.

the point is not for solid or world-beater advice. it’s for correct advice. my advice is solid too. no one’s trying to make anything world-beater

if there are mistakes in info let it slide? are you kidding? it’s not cool? seriously, you need to check yourself…but I and others have been telling you this for a while, first nicely, but then not so nicely since you caught an attitude.

it’s not honest advice, it’s advice missing some things when the guy asked for as much as possible.

maybe this time you’ll understand where I and others are coming from when trying to tell you what’s up…and stop posting like your info is absolute and get pissy when we point out the flaws. it’s a learning/growing experience. :karate:

and stop talking about what are “basic” ways. there is no basic way. besides, the basic way you keep listing is INCORRECT. you don’t use LK. You keep thinking you’re like a teacher on this when you’re not. you should list all info and correct info since that’s what he asked for…you seriously are lacking in giving advice…

I hope you’ll finally understand what a lot of us have been trying to say…but I worry you might just take this as an attack and get pissy again. I hope you don’t though and start listening/learning instead of always preaching your “9revolta school of marvel” teachings[/details]

I didnt intentionally forget things. That was the whole issue. But coming from you, who seems to have a problem with me, it is magnified that I forgot something. You shouldve been here to give him the advice in the first place. But you probably looked through several post, and saw me, and decided to jump in to conversations. Thats why I have a problem with you, because while youre running around scoping people’s advice, Im actually giving advice. Like I said before, if youre gonna help someone, do it. But if youre intentions are to give advice in spite of me (in which you had no real intent to give advice in this particluar post) then just move on to something else. I corrected my mistake, in telling YOU GUYS (and not actually the person who asked me) the correct advice. It seems like youre more comfortable with the a-hole 9, rather than the calm, cool 9. I cant risk getting banned because of your provoking anymore, so I’ll just kinda ignore you if you dont have anything positive to say.

cool. and that’s fine. no attitude or nothing. I make and have made plenty of mistakes too but don’t get an attitude (or try not to). :tup:I’m an imperfect human too and I also don’t know every detail about everything.

now we can move forward!

but yeah, you were asking about IM/Sent stuff. I recommend digging through the threads…as a lot of information is already in there. including some stuff you’ve mentioned in other threads. I try not post repeats stuff and post it in incorrect threads. if you still have questions or insight, just post in the appropriate thread and someone will get to it.