Throwing is Gay

*This game is very nice as compared to other fighting games.

The game has an almost balanced gaming which made ppl

around the world go crazy mastering this. But 1 thing’s pretty

dumb bout this game is that throwing or grabbing opponents is

like a walk in a park. Ppl like me who are used to Zero3 or KoF

series are’nt grab-dependent and we rely most on timing and

combo+special+super tactics. Pls. help me deal with these playas

who knows nothing but throwing or grabbing all day long.*

learn to techthrow… thats all i can say? or play a ranged game…

and youre actually not suited for this game if youre into combos and shit, because cvs2 is pure footsies when youre playing high level, you perhaps wnot even jump in a match… well backwards maybe…

Wow, you can press buttons and move the joystick in a predetermined pattern after you’ve practiced pressing buttons and moving the joystick a lot.

I mean… uh… you can do impressive combos!

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Best way to start getting out of throws is to start throwing yourself. Its a whole different set of mind games.


Thanks for your help guys… but me throwing to

win? I dnt think so… maybe i’ll just follow "Do0m"s advice, i’ll try

to play distant mind games and throw in my combos when he

landed at me instead of rolling, coz rolling is pretty phrone to

throwing huh? It’s freakin’ hard to tech~hit the throw here unlike

other games, but still CvS2 is COOL! =P

I really wish people wouldn’t play dishonorable and throw all the time. If I can’t block, WTF am I suppose to do? Anyway, whenever I accidently throw my opponent, I always say, “My bad…” and let them hit me after.

The only time I don’t mind being thrown is when it’s Cammy. Did you guys know she’s only 16?! :eek: Man, who doesn’t want to be thrown by her??


well. throwing is crucial to the game. if throwing wasn’t in the game. K groovers would just try to JD everything and not worry about getting thrown.

C/A/N groovers would just block all day, mash out supers between block strings, alpha counter when gaurd bar is low and run away till it’s full again and block all day once more.

S groove would be top tier if throwing wasn’t allowed.

P groove: :confused: no comment

That reminds me, once I played against this guy who totally hated being thrown. And he’d be really angry whenever he’d get thrown! But he would never throw anyone.

So I picked S groove, got ahead on life, and then dodged until it was time out :lol: Can you believe it, he whined about not being able to hit me

Philippines, huh? Well, at least there’s one place where the CvS2 standard is lower than Hong Kong :slight_smile:

This man should be banned for stupidity.

I’d have figured that if you’re used to KOF, then COMMAND GRABS beating everything was something you’d be used to.
Fuck, if only you could RC Iori’s scum gale…

There are multiple ways to deal with and counter throws. You can “tech” the throw, you can jump away from a throw just as it starts up, you can attack and beat a throw with any attack that has a 3 frame start up or faster(which is the general speed the most light attacks come out at) which leads to a combo, in wake up situations you can even throw someone before they throw you simply because you have an attack advantage on wake up.

That fact is, throws are actually not very good in CvS2. You have a variety of ways to counter them affectively for a decent amount of damage. If your not countering them affectively, you’re ether bieng strait up out played(you’re guessing wrong in every situation where you’re forced to guess), or your reaction time is a little slow.

I think this problem largely comes from playing KOF honestly. In most KOFs normal throws are absolutely awful. In KOF teching a throw is ridiculously easy, you can even tech a throw at ANY time, even if your recovering from an attack or in the middle of a roll, which makes no sense. To make matters worse, the window after you leave block stun where you cannot throw someone in KOF is about 10 frames longer then it should be(this was changed in KOF2k3 however). It makes throw attempts EXTREMELY obvious as you have to wait a year after they block a light attack with frame advantage after it before you can actually throw them, giving your opponent a huge window to counter you. This makes any sort of real throw mix up way too risky, making most players just resort to basic low jump patterns, which end up bieng blocked anyways because you can react to them.

You should simply buckle down and learn how to counter throws.
Attack/throw guessing games are a basic part of most fighting games. You already have more options for dealing with throws then you should. It’s very much not the other players fault nor is it the games fault. If your losing to throws your opponent is simply spotting your weakness and taking advantage of it.

Throwing has always been a pretty integral part of SF, I think. Love it or hate it, you’ll have to learn to deal with it since this is a Capcom game.
Especially annoying characters like Cammy who likes to dash --> throw or Chun Li walk --> throw
Or even: Zangief, JD, JD, JD, JD, etc, —> 360 or 720 :evil:

:lol: Simple as this. Throwing was put in the game so that people wont turtle all fucking day. Simple as that. If you’re blocking everything i throw out…I’m going to get you moving some how. So you bet your turtling ass i’ma throw you. Personally I think throwing is neither cheap, or “dishonorable” For one, it’s isn’t quite cheap because it’s in the game for a reason. And as for dishonorable…I’m I going to be thinkin of honor when I’m at a 32 win streak?

Just be glad you won’t run into any good Rugals down there, buddy.

this reminds me of old school sf2, one time i used ryu vs chun li. i would just block everything and chun li refused to throw me so he lost eventually when time ran out. back then you could get your ass beat for throwing.

Throwing is extremely lame in CvS2…

Not the act of throwing, but the throws themselves. Throws SUCK BALLS in this game. If you’re getting thrown, it’s because you are sitting there, asleep at the wheel. Most all throws can be escaped by teching, or prevented by hitting a friggin’ button or simply moving. For the times where you CAN’T stop a throw, it’s your fault because you whiffed a move or rolled and they catch it or something… meaning you were open anyways… also meaning they could’ve probably done something a LOT more powerful than 1 little throw. AND, even in situations where you whiff and they throw your normal, you can STILL tech the throw!!!

Anyone complaining of throws in CvS2 would probably start crying like a wee child if they played ST. seriously…

hrm… which throws are worse? A3 or CvS2?

In A3, you couldn’t knock the opponent down, and then option select parry/fierce on their wakeup. In cvs2, you can, and it sets up one hell of a guessing game. So by mixing parries with throw, cvs2 is worse for throws. At the same time, I get thrown, and I throw, it’s part of the FUCKING game. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the arcade.

has anyone paid attention? the answer is stop rolling. you cannot tech the throw if you are thrown while you roll. if youre just rolling around all day waiting for a combo (GOD THAT SOUNDS FAMILIAR,ANY TAKERS?), then your opponent is playing smart waiting for your roll and punishing you accordingly. Youre lucky he isnt just busting you up at the vulnerable ending portion of the roll. He could hit you with MP XX Death with Chunners or something and thatd be ball game.

Yeah, abusing rolls is never a good idea, unless you play sagat/iori/kim.