I have trouble with my throwing game.

In particular, when to do it. Since in most matches I play my throw game is usually ‘throw if they get close’ instead of ‘get close and throw’

Specifically, at what time during a 3 round match should you throw, and what characters benefit more from a confusing throw game.

I’m also wondering how your throwing game should change depending on whether you are facing a new player or playing the same one again.

Hopefully some people understand what I’m talking about, it’s not just mindgames to achieve throws that I’m asking about but using throws in an overall gameplan. Such as the tricks that are used on myself, use repeated throws, and then poke/meaty, walk back, jump up to avoid counterthrow and punish. Then in the next throw opportunity, you may only get thrown once, so counter a possible early retaliation.

The kind of thing that makes players think “How did he get into my head?!?”

Wondering if there was a discussion about this at all.

It actually depends a little bit on the characters, too… For example, a Kara-throw can make a difference.

Throwing when people are close is a good start.

No one can teach you how to mixup, you just have to look for opportunities where your opponent is sitting back and blocking. A lot of 3s players will have strings they use which will either lead into a combo or a throw, like Ken could do…, c.lp

If those hit, the Ken would follow into xx sa3

If they were blocked, the Ken could dash up and throw.

Just stuff like that will make your opponent want to block.

To quote Ohnuki - The cheapest thing in 3s is throws.

People put so much on “when do I do this?” You gotta feel it. Don’t play the character… Be the character nanananananana…

Use throws When… Um… Er… When you’re close to the opponent?

man all this stuff comes by itself, even in my old sean vids i never trew once cause i wasnt used to it

think about it this way. the safest option of all is blocking. but people are only going to block if you make them. give them the fear of opening up their guard first. without that your throw attempts will get hit because they have nothing to be afraid of. once they have the fear, throw them.
this is how i think of it especially being a chun player. make them scared, throw their ass. if they aren’t scared, you must super them over and over until they learn to be scared. its all about conditioning your opponent to do what you want.

all the better if you can make them block when your options aren’t even that scary. for example with hugo you can do a buffered gigas out of UOH. even tho UOH is shitty damage and no real options for hugo sometimes people get scared and block high anyway. when the uoh whiffs and gigas comes out they pay for being scared of the wrong thing.
test your opponents, remember their reactions, categorize their actions and abuse that shit.

hope that helps!

I tend to go heavy on throws when I’m facing someone who is parry fishing too much.

throwing tends to be beat out 90% of moves also because they come out so damn fast