Throws: How do one predict them so one can block´em


Hey there,
just like the titel says, I would like to improve my blocking on throws.
At first, I want to apologize if there is any thread for this already. Well, that´s really true: The touchpanel of my notebook isn´t working very well, so it´s a pain in the *** looking for posted threads. I get stuck every five seconds…
Well, getting to the topic now.
While playing online I recognized that my opponents often start throwing me as soon as they realize how weak my defense is. I see so many players on youtube who are able to block it just by heart. So there is my question: How do you predict them so you can counter them? One thing I´ve noticed is, that the worse players(but still better than me;( ) commence their throws with mindless walking straight to me. And that was about it with my knowledge.:confused::confused:


Assuming your talking about SSFIV. What you mean is throw teching, Look up crouch teching, theres like a million threads. Heres a few for you


I knew I had forgotten something. Yes I was talking about SSFIV. Well thanks for linking these topic. I really appreciate it.


Keep playing the game, eventually you’ll develop faster reflexes and your brain will know when to tech. You won’t even need to think about it, you WILL know it is coming, you WILL tech it, and you WILL win…eventually


For me, it was about noticing patterns and a general rhythm to how a lot of people play. I main Gief, so I never had to spend a lot of time learning how to tech throws since most people try their best to NOT be in throw range of Gief.

After a lot of matches with alts and such I started to be able to identify a flow to the matches and when people are likely to throw.

For example: If you are losing and have about 10-20% of health bar remaining, then usually people will go for a tick throw instead of throwing out a whole block string or going for a long combo. Be ready for it.

Another example: The first jump in during a match is usually looking for a combo, but if they just execute a long block string and try to get in again - get ready to tech a throw.

If you are playing a bit defensive for 10-20 seconds at least, i’ve noticed a lot of players lose their patience and go for some tick throws rather than trying to open up the opponent with spacing, projectiles, or baiting moves. If you are doing a lot of blocking, be ready for some throws to tech coming soon.

Lastly, more practice!


:smiley: that´s exactly the way they keep throwing me around the world…
Thanks for the reply and I guess you´re right, practise brings it all:)