Throws in a row, how many in a row?


Roughly how many throws in a row were you able to pull in any fighter? Personally I’m thinking of 3rd Strike.


I’m scared to do multiple throws in a row, the arcades taught me people get stabbed for that :slight_smile:




When it comes to 3s, 5 or more throws in a row isn’t unheard of. Personally I barely scrape 4, and most people like to mash way sooner than that.


Pulled 4 straight walk up throws in a SSFIV match last week.


If you start playing Talbain and you learn about the RH OS you can get a lot of throws in a row against a new player and I’ve taken lives off people using just that before. But the instant someone techs a throw, I think, “OH SHIT, SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO PLAY THE GAME!” and I probably will lose.


I play Zangief online, and some people think they can tech command throws, so they’ll stand there mashing jab and short until their vitality is about 5%. Then they’ll jump out of the way.


I’m not gonna think about why it is, but yeah, it does seem easier to do multiple throws in 3s.

If someone can give a technical explanation, I’d appreciate it.


I also forgot that tick throws in Jojo’s are also pretty crazy. There is a guide on standcrash on how to do it with standless Kakyoin. I found out about it after being a victim to the guy who wrote it. It’s really heartbreaking in a way that you can see that you are about to get grabbed but keep missing the tech many times in a row.


americans always do 2 throws then some sort of throw bait, except therapist; he knows how many throws it takes to kill every character


I’m pretty sure they out-prioritise all normals in the game with a startup of 2 frames. Coupled with the “sick mind games” of 3S and you have people trying to parry on wakeup getting thrown.


Isn’t this entirely dependent on the health levels and the dumbness/turtleness of your opponent? You might get 10 throws in a row with Sakura on damage 2 in the US, but in Mexico where they play on low damage you could get even more…


somebody mentions 3S and Flare shows up and is spot on. In VF if you do the proper throws 3 in a row-2 for certain characters and certain situations-is enough to kill the opponent. In 3S throws are an obvious answer for people who like to block or parry and just a very obvious answer in general.


4 in SSFIV



no throw invincibility on wakeup and small tech window. plus parry/throw oses and a general lack of good reversals make it safer to try for throws.


Back in 2009, in vanilla SFIV, I did 5 Oicho throw’s in a row with Honda online. Needless to say, that was the first time someone ever ragequit on me.


In SF4 vanilla

Throw x 3, air throw x2, throw x 2 as guile.


Preppy, so you’re saying pros and tournament players are dumbasses/turtles? If you say so I guess…

Let me give you a hint: if you feel you’re not gambling when your playing a fighter, well, I really don’t know what to say.


17 throws with griffon in kof 2k3 arcade