I find myself throwing a lot in most of my matches and I was wondering if that is a bad thing?

depends. for punishing purpose it’s a bad thing (unless you need a 3frame startup move).
throw can be teched so it’s situational. you dont want to drop many hitting combos for a tick throw. also cody gets much, if not the most damage out of frame traps. here u’ll get teched alot if you go for too many throws and thus reseting momentum, givin away a chance for pressure and letting the enemy recover stun. throw is okay to use but shouldnt be your main source of damaging.

beginner players throw a lot because they dont know what else to do, you’re missing out on a lot of damage because of it and good players will tech every single one

There’s nothing wrong with throwing a lot but knowing when to use a combo instead of a throw is essential. I’ve been playing Cody since the start of super and one of the things I’m learning is to throw a LOT more. The reason for this is throwing, while mixing in Cody’s frame traps, result in HUGE counterhit combos that deal big damage.

Don’t worry about throwing too much, just make sure you use it in specific situations for example, if your opponent is blocking too much.

For Cody, and a lot of characters, throws - or merely the fear of throws - let you start hitting combos, because you’ve made them start pressing buttons, allowing them to get frame trapped. Your job as Cody is to want them to expect a throw and give them a lot of punishment based on that expectation.

There’s nothing wrong with throwing a lot, as long as it’s working, and as long as you didn’t have a better damage opportunity, like for a punish.

Always look for the most dmg you can do…

Not necessarily true. If you’re playing a character like Dhalsim, Guile or Sagat finishing your combos with LK Ruffian for an untechable knockdown or throwing them in the corner when you get the chance can score you more damage then if you ended in HP Criminal Upper and sent them across the screen, where you’d have to struggle to get in again.

Same for Gief, Abel or T.Hawk. Except you would want to either throw them in the corner, so you can walk backwards or end in MK Ruffian so they get sent to the other side of the screen allowing you to zone them again.

Sometimes positioning is more important than damage because the better positioning lets you inflict more damage in the long run, instead of doing your strongest combo and resetting the situation. If you need to K.O your opponent or you think they’ll be stunned in the next hit, doing your strongest combo would obviously be better.

When i face guile I grab like crazy lol, because all he does is block my advances, other then that I grab to slow down the pace of the game, because when Cody gets rushed down… HE GETS RUSHHHHHHHED, and also to get a good positioning on the opponent and a chance to mess up there wake up. Unless you can do a profitable combo grab them like they owe you money lool

zukuu got it down pretty good. i like to throw alot in general (in all fighting games pretty much except Vs.) because thats my playstyle, but for damage, DONT do it. very bad habit. i like to throw the opponent out of their wake up game and stuff but dont find yourself mashing it just to do it. even though his throw is good, use it when you should.

then, it becomes a matter of whether or not you want to go for the damage or for a better position. I like to opt for position because successful mix ups make me a happy camper. but seriously, it depends on character or situation. grapplers, you want to throw but only as a punish, cause your gonna eat a SPD fo sho. rushdown characters, is kind of weird. i usually go for damage because they usually have glass health (Akuma). Dhalsim, you want to grab because that mofo is annoying and a good counterpick against Cody. Abel, in my opinion, is easy, but i would prob go for damage because of his stamina. use your spacing more for that guy. ehh im tired haha. cant think of anymore matchups so yeah