I’ve just gotten most of the basics down with Balrog but I just can’t seem to incorporate throws into my game. Has anyone got any tips for that?

I’m also wondering about general strategy right at the beginning of the game. Should I throw out a light dash straight, upper or headbut and what are the possible risks involved?

Headbutt: He jumps, you hit him. He blocks, you eat a big combo. Not a good idea most of the times.

Dash straight (jab): he jumps, you eat a big combo, he blocks you’re safe.

Overall not a good idea to start the match with one of those moves.

I usually just crouch block. if the jump at me (or do some stupid shit like a tatsu) i can fierce headbutt on reaction. If they do nothing i just stand up and start playing.

As for throws…what do you want to know exactly? A good opportunity is a blocked j.rh. Or you can do c.lp throw. well there are loads of situations where you can use it, just gotta play to learn them

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I would also recommend just crouch block. There are times however when I know someone will jump back right at the beginning of the round so I go with an EX Upper.

But again, there are way too many variables for someone to tell you what to do at the beginning of the round. If you can’t read your opponent well enough then just crouch block.

Since this thread was started,
Is foward dash to throw relatively safe? Also is there a way to do one of his special punches into a throw? I saw Blanka doing this to me, he would do a small ball and stop in front of me and throw me.

Lots of people are fond of whiffed ground upper into throw which is fairly similar to blanka’s setup.

For me, I just move back and forth at the beginning of the match. I “try” to throw em off by not charging. Over time, I start whiffing jab straights and I just carry on from there.

I get a lot of my throws from jump ins or their failed cross ups.

(This example is them blocking every hit)
Jump in with heavy fierce, crouching jab then forwards and throw.
You can mix this up, do the above twice, then for the 3rd time instead of jabbing once, jab twice then throw, or jab twice then rush punch (ex cancel if u want)

They will be so used to trying to tech your throw, they should go for it after one of the jabs, leaving them open to eat your fist.