Thugs Kill Two USC Students





[LEFT]Javier Bolden facebook[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Bryan Barnes facebook[/LEFT]
[LEFT][FONT=arial][SIZE=3]Both freely admit to being Crips and obviously participate in the always pleasant ghetto black “culture.” [/FONT][/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][FONT=arial][SIZE=3] [/FONT][/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][FONT=arial][SIZE=3]Can someone translate what the fuck these facebook posts/captions mean?:[/FONT][/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][FONT=arial][SIZE=3]1. “Nappk Bashin ToastK Crashin Over Here”[/FONT][/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][FONT=arial][SIZE=3]2. "My Name, Is JAviiE[/FONT][/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT]&& I’m Addicted To
Sex.I Mean I Gotta
Confessiion To Make
&& I’m Really Seeking
Yuhr Help…I Gotta Problem.
&& I Don’t Know Wht To Do.
[LEFT][FONT=arial][SIZE=3] "[/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]
[LEFT](Ok I know what this one means but I’m just confused as to where the fuck this clown learned to spell).[/LEFT]
[LEFT][FONT=arial][SIZE=3]3. “fucc dem other cliccs”[/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]
[LEFT]Looking through ghetto people’s facebooks is like an episode of the Twilight Zone. Why don’t these people simply look around themselves and say “Wow, what a shitty situation I come from. Getting the fuck outta here is now my number 1 goal.” [/LEFT]


C’s up!!!


Why try getting out of a shitty situation when its easier to just follow the herd?
Also, people are stupid.


I ask myself that and similar questions quite often and I arrive at no answer blvd.

And yeah f these guys. People like this I have no remorse for.




i’m gonna find the tallest sturdiest tree and the finest rope for these two thugs.


How soft you gotta be to get killed my some gay ganstas that spend a majority of their money on shoes and terrible tats?

I remember back in the day dudes wouldn’t even think about fucking with asian cats in cali cause they was murking fools in broad daylight on camera like it was a John Woo film audition.

Stick to being a bitch over the internet instead.


Stick to being a bitch over the internet instead.


you two first faggots


Goddamn fucking idiots.

My race…I’m so done.


Can’t stop being black.


Probably drug dealers, hence why they tried to rob them.

Is there an echo in this bitch.

Shouldn’t you be happy, just minorities killing each other off. More Mcdonalds for you right?


No, but I can be glad SC laws allow me to carry a gun, I’m not gonna die because some idiot is ego tripping that day.


Oops looks like I got mixed up. Those are the victims.

Too bad I wasn’t right :shake: (although it’d be better if this didn’t happen at all). I’d like to hope this doesn’t make our race look bad but…


Oh look, a deck full of race cards. Man, being white must be fun.



Being white is the shit.


I grew up in a hotbed of ghetto black culture and each and every day I thought “Wow, you guys think this is cool? You guys are fucking retarded.”

Then these clowns would rag on my black friend for acting white. My black friend went to Stanford and makes 6 figures at Deloitte. The dumb fucks that tried to bully him? I wouldn’t know. A few of them told me they would be famous one day. Never heard about them since.


Those people never become famous.
The ones who do become famous are usually good at something.


Shitty rap culture is a disease and hip hop is the cure.


Idiocy is a disease and happiness is a warm gun.