Thumb position lightning attack

for those of you who play on pad with your thumb on your controller front, what positioning do you use for consistent LA execution? :sweat:

without using the one button dash to help or switching to the tips of your fingers… the two main ways i know are:

turing the inside of your thumb so it lays on both buttons… which involves some adjustment of controller position( like tilting the top of it towards you a bit)…

or what i do soemtimes is to turn the controller clockwise about 90 degrees real quick and hit triangle and x buttons so that the tip of my thumb covers the x buttons. This method involves comboing as you turn at soem point… which isnt as difficult as it sounds.

the best method in the end is to simply not LA on a ps2 controller… they fuck buttons up any way you do it.

if u play on dc pad then y would u want to have the one buttons dash? makes no sense since the buttom L/R buttons are asist buttons!! anyways… the way u can play better on pad would be to play like u would on stick with ur index and middle finger!! and use ur thumb for the analog stick then when u want to lighting attack use ur thumb and index finger to LA more consistantly… its what i do and i get it 100% of the time. or u can play with ur thumb and index finger used to hit the buttons that way u can also hit the 2nd assist button when u need it!

Its time to invest in a stick. :wonder:

I know how you feel though about the controller, I know from personal experience but once you get a stick the game becomes more fun and so much easier to play. You might want to check out these forums or eBay for a stick.

i use index and middle for lk and hp respectively, and then hit lp+hp with the same fingers, respectively.

yeah that’s how I also did it, also time to buy a stick, game becomes much more enjoyable when you can actually use your assist buttons both.

its hard, i just press my thumb on all for buttons after a magic series, i usually try and do it so i hit lk first becuz after the end of a magic series, an lk wouldn;'t come out by accident, but i dont know it is never a gaurantee

I don’t. I place my index finger over the lp, my middle finger over the hp, my thumb over the lk, and my right ring over the assist button.

When doing the lightning attack, I either drive my thumb and middle finger down on both at the same time, or I drive the index and the middle finger down on them at the same time.

Pretty much what I do… but sometimes I hit lk with my thumb and hp with my middle to perform LA. Its random tho… I can do it both ways.