Thumb strain

Sorry if there’s been a thread for this already, but I was wondering if anyone has techniqes for relieving thumb strain due to extended play with a joypad.

I have the Madcatz fighting pad and find myself losing reaction time, and well, just plain hurting sometimes as a long SFIV session goes on. Some if this might be because I use Claw and am constantly charging.

I’m mostly talking about something physical to do, like exercises or heat/cold application, something along those lines. Because I know the obvious remedies, like buy a joystick (I have one; a good one. But I play better Claw with the pad) or take breaks (That is not an option. This is an addiction here…).

Anyway, I’d appreciate any tips.

stop playing until heals, take more breaks, simples

Taking breaks would be the obvious and smartest choice. I have Carpal Tunnel in both my wrists and when I start feeling a twinge in them, I stop playing for a few hours and let them rest. Just take either fewer longer breaks? Or frequent shorter breaks. It’ll help with your “obsession” as well. Less time spent on it means the less motivation and pull it has to make you constantly play, imo.

Thanks for the tips. Just got Bayonetta, so maybe one solution would be “Bayonetta breaks”.

…Dear god, what has become of me?!