Thumb twitching?


Okay… I just finished Juri’s 24th trial yesterday… and I really don’t want to post up all my medical problems (Sorry ;() but… for some reason my thumb was twitching at night and it never stopped. I usually only use thumb for grabbing, I didn’t even use it for Juri’s 24th trial.

So… :S… has anyone else experienced this? or have it?


Your hands/tendons are probably tired/overexerted. Give it a rest for an afternoon and take a little Ibuprofen.

So says the man on the internet forum.


stretch your hands. Take a look here. Doesnt matter if you have arthritis its never bad to stretch.

Slide show: Hand exercises for people with arthritis -


Cut it off. Might be possesed by some kind of demon.


I don’t believe in no beasts. ;P!

I’ll try to take some rest, only one day so far… and thanks for the stretches… not sure if it helped but it does feel stretched.


GOOD NEWS GUYS! I STOPPED ;D after some soaking in cold water… then warm water… finger stretching, wrist stretching, calming down, and not playing street fighters in the morning.

False alarm, it came back ;(.


think you might need to take some time off.

I see you posting here a lot and if you play as much as you post you need to give you hands a rest for a week or so (yes, 7 whole days)

When you go back to playing keep an eye on how your wrist is resting on your stick and how tense you’re keeping your wrist/hand. Make sure you relax your hand while you’re playing because in the heat of matches you can be tensing it up really tight which can lead to problems.



Was JUST about to go down for some street fighters when I noticed my thumb didn’t twitch anymore… and it came back before I could have the chance to.

I must admit though… that I do get pretty tense in some of the matches, probably even when I’m trying to fool around.

Yeah… I’ve been playing pretty much as much as I post or maybe even more ;(.