Thumbs Up, Soldier! Captain America Thread


Well… here is the thread for the Star-Spangled Avenger.

Let’s hope he gets the Marvel Super Heroes treatment this time around. I hated how they made him so much slower compared to Wolverine and Spiderman when Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter came around. Also I would love to see some multiple shield bounces off of walls. Similar to how it was done when Cap picks up the Power Gem in Marvel Super Heroes but way better. :razzy:


Here’s the important question: Which Cap?


Steve Rogers of course :P. But I wouldn’t mind if they had Bucky Cap. Or even both with two completely different styles would be acceptable.


I am partial to them doing Bucky cap, but in all likelihood it’d be Steve.

Either way, I want him and Chris on a team for sure.


Hell yeah Steve Rogers for sure. I hope they give me one more Cap so I can finally complete my Super Hero team Captain Commando, Captain America Captain ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!.


Hopefully he won’t be gimped like in MvC2. It seemed like each game he got worse and worse ._.


I’d personally want Bucky. He’s be more fun to play as.