Thunder Guide/Tips/Tricks/and pointers



Guess this is gonna be our Thunder Tech pool… lets keep it going!!!

credit to Eclipso over at KIO,631.0.html

DH and MX breakdown


Sajam in the lab running through the command list-
Thanks to ChaoticMonk- great find!

Max DoubleUltra

more DUs

Combo reveal trailer

DreamKing ranked matches with good tech

DK manual combo

DK after utlra juggles

DK vs Max

Dk vs C88

Thanks and credit to those who created these videos.


updated with a new guide link , anybody else with anything to add?


I didn’t watch the vids yet but has anyone found any interesting tech regarding his Instinct Mode?

Ehm, also @Phase_ONE you may want to remove the DSP vid. The guy really has no right to post any kind of tutorial.



I think the ones with Max and DH go over instinct mode in the pt 2 and yeah

and yeah i know DSP is not a person to follow for a tutorial by a long shot, hahaha… i mean personally i think his a bit “off” but i put this in there cause he does go through most (if not all) of thunders moves listed in the “command list” throughout the video. and i think his is the only video besides Max’s & DH that went through them…(im not sure if they are even the same build) but i am still looking.

Though listening to him can be a ear-drag, he does say that he plays (all games) as an “average joe” and that its mostly just him, the game and raw footage, i was just banking on that that raw footage could be a help to someone maybe, also for people who may not have the game yet . but i will add some text up there by his video and make that clearer just in case, hahah…


This is better


Heres an online match I had recently which I really enjoyed


[quote=“ChaoticMonk, post:5, topic:165874”]

This is better

Thanks man!


just switch those videos in the top… and that was a pretty close match… really feel Sadira is gonna be one of those pain but fun match ups.

Edit: i just watch like the first 60 seconds of that video and it is wayyyyyy better… i swear i looked up and down youtube for something like this.


also just found this… its a high hitting combo from the Prima guide i think… seems easy to break at some points but if you wanna try and style its 93%

Horn Breaker --> Heavy Ankle Slicer --> MK --> Heavy Ankle Slicer Linker --> HK --> Heavy Ankle Slicer Linker --> Call of the Earth Ender --> Instinct Cancel at 15 hits --> Shadow Ankle Slicer --> Shadow Ankle Slicer --> HK --> Heavy Ankle Slicer Linker --> HP --> Heavy Ankle Slicer Linker --> HK --> Heavy Ankle Slicer Linker --> HP --> Heavy Ankle Slicer Linker --> Call of the Earth Ender


Ran into CDjr


Damn… That was a damn good match. Thanks for linking that. I figured you could use his Instinct and dash through and Shadow Grab them.


Ya, that thing is nasty!
Helped me make a pixel life comeback! lol


So I guess Louiscipher is gonna call people the N-word in this game too huh?


Idk if it is posted but I want to know if his command grab super punish Jago’s qcb k completely. I did it alot of time after blocking and I never seen anyone get out of me doing shadow command grab.


never tested it but I assumed he could jump after wind kick gets blocked making your command grab whiff


HK Wind Kick is -5 on block
and Command super starts up at 5 so yes it should punish it if you get the reversal window.


Your right, good one. Been making good use of it :slight_smile:


Which Windkiick and which Command Grab. LMH?


Only the shadow command grab -super version- and H Windkick


I want to experiment so badly against Sadira but i do not have her. I discovered mid match that I can dp super (sorry i do not know thunder’s moves names but dp motion and two punches) right and it will beat any follow up after her dive attack (after she throws her web)