Thunder Match up's



Does anybody have any kind of ideas on how you should approach certain match-up’s with thunder? especially the glacius match up


the best thing you can do against Glacius is stay in close then pressure pressure pressure… and time your blocks/jumps. add that to smart choices on combo/counter breakers and you can sort of even the playing field. but this really can be said to most any of thunders opponents.
not too many of the Glacius players i have came across use manuals so pay attention to those breaks, more so than vs most… combo breaks are one of the high risk high~reward methods to change the momentum, esp after he starts a mid screen to full screen combo and now youre in close
also also of glacius players use puddle punch on wake up. Thunder has a few ways to snuff this. but, as almost everything with thunder, watch your timing on this. for is you trade or miss, get ready to look a chunk of your heath.

oh and dont use your heavy triple ax ender unless you have glacius in the corner. Doing so when your not practically gives him the spacing upperhand which can be like throwing away the match at some points-trust me - i have made this mistake more times than id like to admit, lol. i now use the super command grab or the heavy ax (battery ender i think this one is). a normal “flow chart” combo with the ax ender usually nets you back at least one bar of meter.

and use those shadow counters


I have a better understanding on how to approach that match-up now I think all of thunders matches he needs to pressure his opponents since he can’t really do shit from a far the only expectation to the rule would have to be orchid he can fight anyway against her so i’m assuming