Ok so I know thunderbolt is a crappy move but capcom changed it in the last update so I have been trying to find some uses for it. Remember when people thought that SSB was a useless move?

So first obvious use is chip damage, it has always been good for that, lately I have been winning some rounds with thunderbolt chip. After full ultra 2 connects, and opponent somehow survives, ex tb is a pretty good option. Tried to create a meaty setup as well, after full U2, mash crMP, then immediately ex tb. Whiffed crMP is 18 frames, ex tb startup is thirtyfour frames with 9 active, so should work? But idk didn’t actually get it to work, maybe cus of bad execution.

Another possible use could be crossup/fake crossup mixup. After heavy JU (at the end of a punish combo for example) you can do lp tb so it hits enemy from the front or you can do mp tb so it crosses up and hits from the back. The startup is the same. Not sure why would it be a better option than a high/low mixup tough. Maybe when the enemy is packed with ex and ultra, ready to do a reversal? It should definitely hit meaty then but couldn’t think of any setups.

I still have hope for this move, maybe someone can find some good uses?

After rolling thunder cinematic, 2 x cr.jab for timing, thenk MK Thunderbolt crosses up and goes over reversals.
But truth is, it IS pretty useless aside from this setup.SSB is -2 on block, thunderbolt is like what, -24? Also slowest move in the game 40 frames LOL.

I only use it when I am trying to impress the females in the room while styling

…is this thread for real?

lol knew ppl are going to come here just to hate on thunderbolt and I do agree that it is an extremely crappy move. I also believe that it makes you much more unpredictable when you use more more moves so thats why I’m trying to see if there is more uses for it.
The chip damage it does is very good and it is very difficult for the enemy to avoid it cus he just hasn’t experienced it enough to know how to avoid it.
Liking the idea from Smileymike, already knowing more about the move. Have you actually used that in a mach and with what success?

All info for thunderbolt in tut

lol wasn’t there someone else talking about left right thunderbolt mixups in the corner a while ago lol

I almost always go for it after rolling thunder in matches successfully.Only the persons with whom i play a lot and know exactly what we’re gonna do expect it and block it.

I actually only use thunder bolt to either CHIP, OR if I have 2 ex bars and the opponent has me cornered… “Fei long”, I actually use Heavy thunderbolt and fadc

Only use I’ve found for TB is against grapplers like E. Honda and you can predict a throw/grab

TB isnt grab invincible on start up
pls no bad info.
Didnt really need to bump this thread

Wow it’s not? Hmm I maybe they mistimed their grabs? I was experimenting yesterday thought I found something.

just wait for tut bro

I just use thunderbolt sparingly to surprise people, don’t use it for your first round or two, then bust it out in your final round for an easy knockdown and few see it coming. Though I use the EX version for the quick startup.
Aside from that I just use it to look flashy, or use the light/ med version on a foolhardy rushdown character at the start of a round.

Yeah, I should have said ‘quicker’, its still slow but can catch some people off.

i saw HJMXP use ex TB to escape akuma’s vortex. so i’m experimenting with using it to escape ibuki’s kunai bullshit. if i can get this to work then we might have just found a pretty good use for it.

Pretty interesting. Do you think you could also punish/ escape abel’s breathless with EX thunderbolt if its over half screen?

why? Just exmgb punish like normal people.

I dunno, to be flashy?