Thursday Night CLASH 12/15 Results!

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We had a really fun tournament tonight with 16 entrants, and many more spectating. Keep an eye here on for updates on the next one.

1: dmbrandon ($96.00)
2: DMG|Slob Murph ($48.00)
3: Ecksyz ($16.00)
4: Push Buttons
5: Danny
5: OmegaXCN
7: MiSC.BigBlackHawk
7: Will
9: George Gazsi
9: ETO
9: Eliud Garcia
9: Epoch
13: Chris
13: Wesley
13: Biggie
13: DatNiggaDownTheStreet

First tournament that I entered in and got bodied! Had fun though.

had fun
glad to see so many peeps there
will probably be there next time

Big thanks and props to dm and Ether for coming out from North NJ. Happy bday Ether. Congrats to dm for winning.

Anyone who commentated on the stream did a great job, I enjoyed it.

Even though there was only 16 people entered, there was almost double that because of spectators, so I hope some of these people will start entering future events.

^ now that school is done, ill def will enter the next one that comes around. if possible, i wouldnt mind being on the mic more, i just would need someone that knows the game better than me. ill just keep it hype

I had a good time there last night, my first tourney, got bodied but will def train harder for the next one!

There were a lot more people at this tourney than I really expected so on the off chance that a lot of you are local in South Jersey you should seriously stop by for the Monday Night Fight nights. Directions and info @: [Dec 3, 2012] Monday Night Fight Nights at Nerd Palace - South NJ (Absecon, NJ)

The next Thursday Night CLASH has been announced here: [Dec 29, 2011] Thursday Night CLASH! (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)