Thursday Night CLASH 12/29 Results!

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The second entry in the Thursday Night CLASH was another great event! We had a 17 person bracket, and a lot of different faces from last time. Zucco came out the event and won it easily without dropping a single set. Our previous title holder dmbrandon took a surprising fall to Julius in the winners bracket, who is a newcomer to the Thursday Night CLASH series. Shakugan played strong only losing to Zucco throughout the entire event, getting another South Jersey local player into the top 3.

1: Zucco ($48.00)
2: Shakugan ($24.00)
3: dmbrandon ($8.00)
4: EcksWhyZee
5: Julius
5: Push Buttons
7: IPFreely
7: OmegaXCN
9: Tyrone
9: ThankYouBasedGod
9: Chuong
9: vVv ChiboSempai
13: Doom
13: Furry Sex Enthusiast
13: Big E
13: Danger Kid
17: Hardwork Genius

Wish I could of made it to this one, I had to work so I couldn’t make it but will def be there for the next one. Also It would be interesting to see what teams at least the top 5 used in there victories.

You can catch a re-broadcast of the stream on
That has the entire night on it, and most of the top 5 did play on stream.
I’m going to work on getting some videos on YouTube soon. I’m going to be away for most of New Years, so I’m going to try and shimmy it in tonight.

Lets see, from my memory: (orders are wrong)
Zucco: Hawkeye, Taskmaster, Nova
Shakugan: Trish, Wesker, Taskmaster
dmbrandon: Vergil, Arthur, X23
EcksWhyZee: Spiderman, and I forget the other two

GGs, was fun will be there next time

      Awesome, Zucco uses a team I've been using of late except I use akuma as anchor.def have to check out the stream.

Had a lot of fun. I’ll try to make more outings…

when is the next one

In a few weeks, not sure yet because of Apex, which I’m a host for. Some time in mid-january. Keep a watch on Shoryuken and to know.

The thread for the next TNC is up: [Feb 2, 2012] Thursday Night CLASH! (Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey)

Hey Chibo I joined. Good stuff with this.

Let me kno what’s good with fighting games cuz I dunno. : D If you are ever near Philly or something maybe I can help ya with tournies. : D