Thursday Night CLASH! 2/2 Results!

Results post on Clash Tournaments Website

The third Thursday Night CLASH event went down last Thursday, and dmbrandon showed up to take home his second first place win of the series! So far every event has been won by someone from Central/North New Jersey. Can any of our South Jersey players step up to defend our region?

1: dmbrandon ($90.00)
2: DRS | Shakugan ($45.00)
3: Crashtag ($15.00)
4: Long
5: DMG | SlobMurph
5: Eckswhyzee
7: Jackie Chan
9: Fox
9: PushButtons
9: Undersea Magic
9: Will
13: ChiboSempai
13: EtherHatesEther
13: BigE

Everyone keep an eye out for the next Thursday Night CLASH! I’m aiming for February 16th, and should be able to confirm it within a day or two.

After this event (which will be the fourth), I’m going to hold a larger Saturday event. More prizes, more entrants, more setups, more games. Get hyped for this! The seeding for this event will be based on the first four Thursday Night CLASH events. UMvC3 will be the main event of it, though I am also looking to add games like SSF4 2012, SC5, or others. Leave some comments on which games you would like to see!

9th place, I wouldn’t have it any other way.