Thursday Night Fights: $5.99 All Night

That’s right!

$5.99 to play Smash Bros. and other Fighting Games EVERY THURSDAY from 6pm-Close @ Versis. Again, $5.99 is for the whole night.

We call it Versis’ Meet. Greet. Play. and we are marketing the event constantly.

We will be doing this every Thursday Night at Versis and the special price is limited to Smash Bros. and other Fighting Games (I’ll even include Fight Night Round 3 though).

BTW, we will let people bring Dreamcasts and VGA Boxes to hook up to our TVs (they have VGA inputs). You are also always allowed to bring your own games, controllers, and accessories if you feel it is necessary.

Hope to see you guys there!

Versis Entertainment Center
1356 NW Civic Dr.
Gresham, OR 97030
(in Gresham Station, behind Old Navy, next to Big Town Hero)

*Meet. Greet. Play.
Thursdays: 6pm-Close
Smash Bros. Brawl & Other Fighting Games
(you will have to go on the clock with a separate rate to play non-fighting games)

Just a reminder that tonight’s the first night where $5.99 covers the entire night at Versis from 6pm-close for Smash Bros and other Fighting Games (Tekken and VF setups are pretty certain).


I would be down but i live in hillsbaro now and dont get off till 10 tonight… super gay.

damn… was hoping you’d be able to make these now too!

Looking forward to next time we hang out, Jetay.



anyone showing up this evening?

Want to thank Thomas, Ray, Anthony, Hien, Andrew (T), and Kent for coming out tonight! I had a great time with the VF matches. Smash matches looked good. Sorry the Tekken matches started late, but I hope those went well.

Hyper Fighting matches between Ray and Anthony were fun to watch :slight_smile:

Kent, sorry I’m always heading out when you get there but I’ll try to find time to work on the Steve tips you’re helping me out with! While it’s late to be playing T5DR, I’d like to at least be competent enough to hang in there a few seconds more against you guys!

Anthony, glad you made it out and hope we can get more T5DR and other games going on in the future. We’ll try to arrange Dreamcasts or something to bring more 2d fighters back into the mix. I appreciate you watching our VF matches. While VF probably is more of an up-close in-your-face fighter, I hope it grows on you. You can actually play VF5 very defensively with spacing, but it can be hard.

Thomas, enjoyed watching your VF and Smash games. For a good while now, you’ve been very solid on maximizing damage and taking advantage of stagger opportunities decently. And from the beginning you’ve been great at playing patiently. You’re steadily reducing the 50/50 opportunities that I create, but they are still the bane of your Aoi’s existence–namely, I setup a lot of interrupts with the low and high punch. But over the course of all the matches recently, you’re improving in this area. Don’t worry though, it’s the bane of Northwest VF existence at the moment (or at least Portland). The only ones I see handling this situation okay sometimes (not all the time) is Ray and Myself. But we still get it tough here–50/50 is tough when your opponent knows how to make the damage huge for a wrong guess.

Hien, your Jacky actually is handling things better overall but as we went over–I want to improve some basic snap reflexes for you. Getting used to doing a fast poke (elbow or low punch) immediately when blocking a low punch. It’s tough at first because you can easily not realize you’re blocking a low punch–but with practice and reasonable focus over time, you’ll get the hang of it and it’ll become a sharper reflex. After that, it’s forcing 50/50 guessing games whenever you elbow stagger someone since that’s a strong potential element of your game.

Ray, great matches tonight. Your Wolf drives me insane and I have to keep it really basic while reducing your 50/50 opportunities. Great overall Wolf game, especially near the edge of the ring. Your Vanessa always drives me insane once you initiate a rush, especially since you know when I try to low punch interrupt you. I need to research Vanessa sometime to see when I can stop that rush of yours but it is very frustrating and you make excellent use of her full arsenal. You’re the only North American Vanessa that I know that uses such a large variety of her moves (to good effect). It’s a real pleasure fighting you when you’re playing any of your characters. I wish I could be so proficient with multiple characters, but it’s really hard for me to get there.

Anyways, I had a blast and thanks guys!


It was great seeing Ratgoat joining the Fight Night last week!

I haven’t seen you since Random Select’s tournament in December. Great matches between yourself and I as well as Ray and you!

Towards the end of the VF session, Ray and I had a series of awesome matches going back and forth between his Vanessa and my Lion.

It was great having Anthony, Andrew Tran, Kent and Mackinzie there as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to get Tekken started earlier in the future.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to the VF and Tekken matches tonight :slight_smile:


We had a good Fight Night this past Thursday with Rayblade, Jetay, Ratgoat, and myself playing VF5. We also had Anthony playing Tekken 5 DR (with Ray and Jetay–Kent couldn’t make it out early enough) and Thomas and Andrew Tran on Smash.

VF5 Battles Overview
I had a great time with the VF battles. While I took the edge against Ratgoat, each match was a lot of fun and whenever he could muster up courage, confidence, and focus–well, he would either put up one helluva fight and we would have creative battles, or he would take me down. Very fun and it’s a very different kind of match than the ones I have against almost anyone else in Portland. He had a lot more courage and strength under pressure this week than last week–and he gave everyone else a good run for their money.

Ratgoat vs. Rayblade matches were very, very fun matches to watch! I don’t often sit and watch matches, but I was really enjoying watching the two fight with their styles of play matching up nicely.

Ray’s Wolf from Hell
Ray didn’t peak until around 9pm, but at that time, his Wolf tore me a new one for a good long streak of games. I think the count during those matches we played straight was like 7-2 for Ray (I won a ton of matches the rest of the night and before, but when Ray was in the zone with Wolf, it felt almost impossible to fight but I think we produced some of the best matches between us during those bouts).

It’s really hard fighting against Wolf for me because of Wolf’s damage if you guess wrong. If I force the 50/50 game too much in an aggressive gambling game, it’s hard because it’s like giving Wolf the advantage in a way because he has more high damage options and will do greater damage for each guess. But being aggressive against Ray’s Wolf is what made our matches so interesting when I was losing, it was just a lot of fun to pretty much go All In constantly.

Later in the night, I was able to deal with his Wolf better when I played less aggressive and would poke a lot until he might be convinced I won’t rush so much, and then rush him. But that plan is hard and sometimes he can feel when I’ll break out of the poking game because of his experience fighting against me. The thing I am having trouble dealing with is the way Ray will use Wolf’s DM (dodging attack). It’s a dodging catch throw and it is very annoying for me because it can get me out of certain attacks but I will often be a deer in the headlights standing and blocking when it’s coming because I was expecting an attack for some reason. I used to not have trouble with Wolf’s DM, but with the way I’ve been playing VF5 in 2008 (more 50/50, more aggressive), I am getting nailed by it a lot more than I used to.

Ratgoat’s Shun: advanced, but will get much stronger with more battles
Can’t criticize Ratgoat’s game much at all because it’s so well grounded and fundamentally correct on so many levels. The guy plays Shun right and proper as far as I can tell.

When his confidence is high, the same thing doesn’t work on him twice. But if you break that confidence, then he can freeze up, but I feel that when he freezes up, he does fine against others–just not against me because I will attack him like a pitbull if I smell fear (when people get a bit afraid or lose confidence, they tend to block too much, I tend to poke and throw like nobody’s business if I sense them blocking too much).

My experiences against LA Akira (a Shun player) last year is why I give Ratgoat so much of a hard time. I played marathon series of matches in Southern California with LA Akira and it taught me a ridiculous amount about fighting against Shun and why Lion has so many anti-Shun options. Some of the things that work for me in fighting against Shun:

-Since VF3, neutral throw and df+P+G are the only throws you really have to worry against Shun outside of heavy drinking and ring outs.

-If Shun is playing machi at mid-range in VF5, be wary of him going into Back-Turned Sou Stance where he can use that vicious windmill sabaki. The weakness against this sabaki is that you can do ranged low attacks if you can sense when he might do this. I can partially see it and I have a good instinct on when Shun players use this. I tend to punish even Japanese Shun players online for using BT Sou at mid-long range. Lion’s b,df+P is a gift here.

-Evading when fighting up-close against Shun can be dangerous because he has some nice half-circulars and side-throw setups. Ray’s love of evading is probably the bane of his existence when he fights against strong Shun players including Ratgoat.

-Footsying around at mid-long range isn’t exclusive to Shun. Most characters have whiff punishers and ways to bait their opponents. While Shun excels at zoning opponents… with some experience against Shun, zoning Shun isn’t a bad idea. Because I am a zoning type of player, this is one of the ways I level the playing field against Shun, I’ll try to beat him at his own game and if he commits to something and doesn’t connect in any way, he is often left wide open.

Anyways, I’m not trying to discourage Ratgoat from playing at all. The guy plays so solid and his damage maximizing is pretty darn good. I think his stance game could improve (it is already good though) and I never feel threatened near the edge of the ring or near a wall (he does do wall-combos though)–but I’ve always had a mentality of enjoying the fight on the edge.

Chanchai’s Idea of Shun Tips (for better or worse)
Something we worked on and something that can turn the tides if I start rushing him with pokes and throws is Shun’s u+K+G when well timed. If the opponent is going for a throw, this attack will beat the throw, even in clash situations. It’s unclashable and I am going to say this is one of those times that Shun can gamble if he senses the opponent likes to throw. It would definitely reduce how much I throw.

Another thing that will make Ratgoat’s Shun more powerful: stepping. A really good machi step is backdash --> evade --> backdash (b,b,d,b,b -or- b,b,u,b,b). I think Ratgoat should start mixing this into his opening option (b,b,d is a good opener, though it can get abused–Ray uses it well but I think he uses it too much at the start of the round).

Again… [bk] [bk] [d] [bk] [bk] is your friend. Your evade will cancel the backdash and he second backdash will cancel the evade. If your opponent does a linear attack against you during the backdash, you will evade it. For Shun, this makes him a bit stronger. You can also mix in crouchdashes and Shun’s special maneuvers.

Mastering [bk] [bk] --> [d] [df] [f] [P] will strengthen your Shun. Let’s call this “Modified Chouwan” (chouwan is the name of Shun’s uppercut using the QCF+P command). Here are the reasons I think this will strengthen your Shun:

  1. This will reduce your chance of getting a crouch while doing chouwan–the problem is that Shun cannot do a chouwan from crouch.

  2. If you block a very deep sweep (one that will be in a very bad disadvantage on block, especially Pai’s sweep or Lion’s sweep), then there’s a good chance you will hit your opponent for free if you can do this move as fast as possible. Buffering this attack properly (for example, doing it while you are recovering from an attack) should only add 1 frame to the execution of this attack. This should be fast enough to punish a deep sweep. With enough drinks, this might be stronger than using [up] [K] + [G].

  3. Eventually you can get comfortable using the Chouwan as a whiff punisher. A great setup is [d] [P] --> [bk] [bk] [d] [df] [f] [P]. If you are poking from mid-range, the low kick might also work as a setup poke.

Anyways, those are just my thoughts on your Shun. Despite my advice giving and all of that, I am really glad that the Northwest has someone that’s very strong with Shun.

Jetay, Rising from the Ashes
Jetay was fun to play VF with as always. He hasn’t played VF5 since the last time we met which was a few months ago, but it’s always great playing when he’s able to join us. More experience more often with up-close poke wars will make Jetay’s Pai much stronger. It’ll be a hard road though, but with experience he’ll develop a sharper ability up-close in VF. However, his mid-range play can be very tricky and damaging. I always gotta be a bit more careful in those situations.

Thomas and Andrew Might Get to Play at Versis for FREE!
Awesome news for Thomas and Andrew: they are almost certainly going to be Versis’ June MVPs because they are in position to win our Monthly Challenge for May which is to get the highest score doing Endless Smash (aka Survival Mode) in Smash Bros with 2 players. They beat the best score at the time, 518, with a shattering 599.

Anyways, if they become June’s MVPs, they will get 2000 points (enough for 2 free hours -or- 4 free medium sodas -or- free food, etc… each). But the best part about becoming the MVP is that because they will have the highest Versis Points for the Challenges in May (we also have weekly challenges), THEY GET TO PLAY AT VERSIS FOR FREE ALL JUNE.

It was a very fun night. I hope people don’t mind it when I post details on gameplay. I don’t think I gave away anything damaging about Ray’s game, but that would be hard to say because he’s so good and even across many characters he carries his strengths.

Looking forward to next week!


Check out the new Versis TV commercial here:

…So I went through like two hiccups just now.

  1. Wrote like a 2 page message but it got wiped out as the power died at this Internet Cafe in Bangkok (they were apparently rocking the music too much next door :P)
  2. I was in the middle of a rewrite but because the net cafe management program wasn’t properly loaded, they reset my computer lol.

So here’s attempt #3 :slight_smile:

I had a great time at the fighting game sessions in June. I’ll be gone almost all of July, so I won’t be able to play there for the time being. However, the sessions will be going on for a good long while (at least throughout summer).

Wanted to thank Ray for bringing out Super Turbo HD Remix (or at least his HD which had Wolves of the Battlefield or whatever it’s called, Commando 3). I think HD Remix looks to play great, though I miss the beautiful “virtual detail” added by dithering in the old sprites of classic Super Turbo.

The VF sessions were awesome and I’ll have to write a post about people’s play in the Northwest VF thread. But I really enjoyed playing VF with Ray, Ratgoat, Hien, Fatbear, Mackinzie, Thomas, etc…

I’m tempted to learn KOF '98 so maybe someone will want to play with me on the multicade when I get back?

Debating on whether or not to learn Tekken 6 while I’m in Bangkok. There are some really good players here, quite a few machines, and the game actually has some similarities to VF (enough so that many traditional Tekken fans are way put off–but fortunately the game is nothing like T4).

Anyways, I hope you guys keep up the fighting in Portland. Would be nice to grow the Tekken scene back up in Portland. And of course I’m all for VF. Soul Calibur is coming, but I know not everyone here is crazy about that. HD Remix is shaping nicely I think and I’m really looking forward to SF4. Guess we’ll have to wait and see on many things…

Side Note: I really hope VF5R gets announced for PS3 or something (no region coding ftw).


oh crap, youll be gone all of july? well i hope you enjoy your time in thailand.
unfortunately it doesnt seem like youll be here to see me get more stardust hd scores. im up to 9.9 mil now!

Enjoy your time off in Thailand!
Hopefully I’ll have time to improve on some of my VF fundamentals before you return.

Hey All! I’m back from Thailand (though currently recovering with some whacked symptoms)!

Thailand was awesome, but I’m sure everyone figured that out. If anyone wants to see pictures of my engagement party… Chanchai’s Engagement Party

Back to the fighting game stuff… I definitely plan to be at Versis Gresham on Thursday night.

-I really wish VF5R would get announced for Playstation 3 or something… If it happens, more likely it’ll happen during TGS or even more likely in early 2009…

-I played some competitive Tekken 6 in Bangkok (there are 14 arcade machines in Bangkok). I do really enjoy Tekken 6, but for better and for worse… Tekken 6 seems to have less depth than any game between Tekken 3 and Tekken 5DR. I’m no Tekken expert (obvious to almost everyone), but my impression is that Tekken 6 has less of a spacing game and forcing 50/50 situations is much easier and much more natural. The 50/50 game is the basic low/mid guessing game and it just happens much more often because the game seems to really promote in-fighting (ala VF). The problem… While there’s a lot more in-fighting and guessing game opportunities, it didn’t seem like a ton of alternative or wrap around options are given to skew the 50/50 game, so you really do end of most often with mid/low guessing/punishing. Floating combos being less + slam combos being more = a very visually pleasing to look at game with “brutal” combos.

-Summing Up my thoughts on TK6: The bad is that the game feels like it has less depth (or more like easy but super strong options outweigh nuanced options) but it’s a very fun game. The good is that the game is very fun and more accessible to a larger audience because a lesser skilled player at least has a decent shot of taking down a highly skilled opponent. 50/50 are good odds for the underdog. But advanced players still can do some tricky things, are more likely to maximize the damage from any hit, and are able to subdue low-skilled players with the full movelist.

-Looking forward to Soul Calibur IV! :slight_smile:

-But still always wanting to play VF the most :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m going to try and be here Thursday to get some SF4/HDR practice in. Anyone else coming?

Chanchai if R gets announced, move to WA.