Thursday Night SF4 Fight Night 4/8/09


Where: My apartment in the University district (Radford Court apartments).
When: Thursday evenings starting @ 7pmish-11/12pm
What: SF4!!!

Setup: 2 tvs, 1 xbox 360, 1 ps2, 1 dc, 1 360 stick (2 next week).

Priority goes to SF4! I’ve only got a one bedroom apt so I’d like to keep it to 6 max. Basic etiquette blah blah blah just respect my place and you’re welcome. There’s plenty of parking near the office at night. Fortunately, I’m right next to them. Feel free to bring any other equipment but one tv always runs sf4!

Anyone interested? If so, PM me and I’ll hit you back with my number.


bumping for this Thursday the 8th.

Now have 2 sticks.


^damn live a block or some away from there. roots concert tomorrow though.