Thursday night tekken - cancelled indefinitely!

Sorry guys, event is cancelled due to lack of participation. Please check Tekken Zaibatsu for deathbybears’ casuals hosted in Riverside!

Count me in

I’ll show up for some Tekken action if you have room for me.

Get hype!


willing to come/learn

anyone give shoo ride?
holds up money

mind if I come?

I’ll need an address / phone # plz

I can also bring my ps3 / asus monitor setup.

Willing to take shoo’s money. Also, very interested in learning more!

I’m interested in coming

Count me in. I also have a PS3 I’ll bring incase we have an extra tv.

whats with these people with brackets around their names

i’m going for sure, may have a +1

count me in + 1

i can bring a setup… [tv + ps3]

I’d like to come to this too…if i can

i barely picked up the game yesterday… i’m willing to learn… count me in…

very dope.

plz count me +1 incase someone else is rollin with me.

also, can bring ps3 + monitor + power strip + extension cord.

Hi, if possible I would like to attend +1 friend.

dam, i got work that night.

maybe next week :slight_smile:

add me in

Glad to see some Tekken action coming to OC!

Count me in if there still room!