Thursday nights at Gameworks


I just recently started going on Thursday nights because of the 10 dollar 3 hour special from 9-12. Ive seen a few regulars the last few times I’ve been there. One guy that’s pretty good with Sagat and a crazy all-over-the-place Blanka player, I also played a decent Ryu and a really good Balrog (Future?). Anyone else go on Thursday nights?


yeah i do go down there i main blanka but im just waiting for super


Plan on heading down more often when they get KoF XIII.


Once Gameworks gets KOF XIII I will be going to Gameworks more often.


so we went to gameworks last night… they moved all the fighting games upstairs and put pool tables where sf used to be. I guess it’s better now that passer-bys wont be playing, and its closer to the main entrance stairwell for those last minute games before midnight. there was only 3 other people besides me playing from 9-12 so i got tons of play :slight_smile: In some way i’m glad that super is out now so nobody even bothers to play at gameworks anymore. We are hopefully hitting up the dojo soon, i’m hearing that everyone is cool over there and we can relax, and play our favorite games. still, i wonder where gameworks is going to put super when they get it in, hmmm…


Dojo is the place to be every Thursday, no question about it.


How do you think new blood gets into the competitive scene?


Sonic Poop, since it seems you still hit up GW a bunch, let us know when they get the KoF XIII board since they said they were going to get it and it just came out 2 days ago in japanese arcades.


I wanna be the first one to put down a drink on that machine!!


If you meet anyone at GW that has interest in SF, please direct them to north west SRK boards.


true… well, gameworks just sonic pooped on the new blood. there isn’t any foot traffic where the fighting games are now :frowning:

and dkn29 ill let you guys know as soon as i see kof13 there


You are a true American hero.


can we close this thread and just poston the rally point GW thread that we hve?


if you can find it, then I’ll do it.


yeah, feel free to close this thread. I searched “gameworks” on this site when i first joined and couldn’t find anything. now that i know that nobody goes to gameworks or is planning to until super or kof comes in, this thread is pretty much pointless…

once super comes to arcade, im sure there will be a new thread for it and many new faces at gameworks :slight_smile: