Thursday "No Mistakes" Double Elim Tourney 4/15 at the DOJO!


Pre-Funk Practice tourney before the main event at Bragging rights. Come to the dojo and get all those kinks and cob webs off your style so people can properly represent themselvs at Bragging rights.

Tourney will start in the evening, 7pm start/signups. Also, to get our seattle team in the right mindset, id like to throw a 5v5 for them to practice. Franks team vs Coles Team (just for practice, please dont make a big deal about it) We could also do a gauntlet for them, we can just keep throwing random teams of 5 and let Franks team sharpen up.

Hope everyone can make it! 5 Dolla entree, everyone is welcome to utulize the grill as well. Happy practicing folks!

Place: AfroDojo
Time: 7pm
Date: 4/15 Thursday
Event: Double ELim/ 5v5



If we can get enough people who say they are going I will for sure make the trip


This sounds like a good idea on all parts.

Good thinkin’ Cole.


I have not yet made it to any functions besides GW a few times since I moved here, but I am very interested in attending. If there will be a pickup team for me to join, I will gladly come.


sounds like a good time, i might be goin if steven can show me the way (herd its a bit hard to find…)


I’ll try to show up, but would like to be a bit earlier - it’s been a while since I’ve played for more than like 5 minutes.

I can bring a 360 setup if there is a monitor for me to use at the Dojo that would be awesome. I have hook-ups for component/HDMI/VGA/DVI/whatever.


5v5s lets do it or at least 3v3s


Well shit, the more people we get there, why don’t we run our own 5v5 Double-elim tourney? What’s the max teams ya think we’d get? 6-8? That’d be a long night, but that’s if we got 30-40 people there and willing to participate.

I’d say it’d be fun and give us something similar to TournamentWars Season 1 feel. :smiley:


A 5v5 double elim would take a looooong time (some of us do have to work in the morning :wink:). I think the main goal of doing the 5v5’s was to make sure that the team representing us at bragging rights would be ready for whatever PDX tries to throw at us. Having them run the gauntlet is the most effective way to accomplish this.


Good point.


ok yeah i like the idea of having the bragging rights team to go through a gauntlet. Also, newly add

I will be grilling and providing all you can eat burgers, steak, pork and drinks. All I ask is if you wanna go crazy on the grub and drinks, please donate 5 bucks (much better then spending 5 bucks at McDonalds!!!)

Every hour we will be making something new on the grill for peeps to try. Just trying to accommodate to everyone. Makes it more worth while to spend 10 bucks on a tourney…5 for the pot, 5 for food and drinks.

Also i have a question - I know the character improvement rank start it off a little rocky. If everyone is in agrees, we could reset the bracket this one time with the event Thurs and then start the improvement ranking fresh with the newly flushed out rules. What does everyone think? Also tell me if this is just a bad idea in general and I will move onto something else for the dojo. These improvement events will only work if people are participating, so if nobody is feeling it, ill change it up in a second. Its all about our players and the community.



don’t bother reseting it, if ppl want the rank they’ll play for it.


I’ll see what I can do about attending this event. No promises though.


Agreed with Frank. Despite the rocky-ness, people have been playing it out trying to climb up the rankings. I don’t think another reset will help. Once Super comes out, expect a lot more challenges, and more shifts in the rankings.

One thing you could do on Thursday is have a ‘challenge drive’. Basically, encourage everyone who shows up to challenge at least one person. It will also give people more opportunities, since there will be a lot of folks there at one time.


I am coming with my usual beer or dro, plus a set up, and a whole shit load of bad ass cause im gonna be challenging everyone ft1000 on the projector, o and cole i really do challenge you to another ft20


ill come.


Might come, pending how I feel after a 9 hour day of work Thursday and work Friday morning. Plus might watch Star Wars. About a 30% chance of showing up.


Nate u better be ready for some janky shit im gonna bring!


FRANK… i need your JANKY shit lets make a 5v5 team with some random cats there and run it through that shit with hella janky bullshit


lets do it team TACOMA