Tibertron av pick up


see attached.

Tibertron, tell me if it’s cool, or if you’d like something different added, changed or whatever.


are u the same person as EvilKen?..lol


no. i’m not.

Evil-Ken is a ripper, and he copied my avatar. Evil-Ken is banned.


I can’t believe you insulted him like that.


haha…ya right…i think these are all one guy


it has to be…by the way…SA.M has a hot wife:p


you’re an idiot.


wait never mind…the reason why i thought that OM and EK were the same person was because EK has an AIM handle that has a name that is really close to the same name "Orange Megaslide"
plus he had the same av as him too


i concur

why would you say something like that…OM has been here for awhile and is one of the people who caught EK before. EK is just a ripper plain and simple


Wouldn’t that mean that EK and OM have a hot wife, also?:rolleyes:

You must be from that gay part of TN. Like that homo part where I’m not from and not close by.


what the fuck?

see i told you guys. Evil-Ken copied my AIM shit too.
this muthafucka keeps jocking me.



Shut the fuck up you have no right to talk, and stop cursing people with your bad avatars. If you havn’t caught on, your avatars suck and they all look the same.


shut the fuck up…i dont care if they suck or not…im trying to get better…obviously i just started making them…so leave me the fuck alone…go worry about yourself bitch…and quit worrying about me


If you are trying to improve you would not do this.

Practice before forcing people to wear your avatars fag. I’m not worried about you. I am worried about the people that end up getting you to make them an avatar instead of someone much better.


how would i be forcing ppl to wear my av’s…i never siad they had to wear them…and if they dont like my work then they wont request…i showed most of my work…so if they request then i guess they like my work…dumbfuck…leave me alone and go beat off to your fantasy wife or something



SA.M, you dont understand. If the people like his avs, the TAKE IT! If there people like you(who DON’t like it), they wont take it. It;s there decision, and not yours. Get the picture?


You fags are obviously new. When someone makes an avatar (or rushes to every request thread and takes requests like you fuckers do. TetsuAKA dont act like you dont I have seen you). That person who is given the avatar has to wear the avatar for 2 weeks. IT IS IN THE FUCKING RULES. Therefore when you guys make one of your dumb avatars the person has to wear it. READ THE FUCKING RULES FAGS.






Re: .



Re: .

Good job, yeah its him.


yea the style of his av and the name “prime op”