Tick Throw Trouble

One staple of the game I have trouble understanding, performing and countering against is the tick throw. Any tips or guides that will help me with this?

[media=youtube]6i1TPQQ_AVA[/media] Their ya go. Btw what game are you playing…?, ssf4?
Here it basic tut for ssf4 :[media=youtube]onvtbvgU_Rk[/media]

Hope that helps…

Yo dude I had the same problem and started a cool thread dealing with this particular aspect.
Check it out!!!

Learn the Option Select Crouching Tech

What Poptags said. Learn that shit and learn the rhythm.

How to do a tick throw: Jab, throw. Jab jab throw.

How to beat tick throws: throw tech, don’t play online because of lag.