Tick throwing.

What exactly is a tick throw and how are they preformed? I think I know but im not exactly sure, because this one aspect of my game that I havent explored much and now that I picked up Q, It doesnt seem like I am using his command grab to the fullest.

throws cannot be blocked, so tich throw with Q is like this::

jab they block it and then you do the command grab, which gives them not alot of time to jump out of it or they try to block because you threw the jab already… and tada… they get grabbed =)

Makes sense… thats what i figured but, my timing must be off or something because it doesnt usually work for me that way… Do they still have the oppurtunity to tech it then?

And if anyone knows some good ticks for Ryu Yun and Q it would be greatly appreciated… I looked in char specific but didn’t find much…

alex tick throw is awesome … that’s what japs do , KSK and other players …

jump jab , power-bomb

the hardest 1 is …

crouch-short , powerbombw

it hits , not guarded …

and wake-up throw is still good

anyway …

Gigas setup >>>>>>>>> any throws

dunno bout yuns tick throw… but in genei jin when youve activeated do some standing lks and stuff and then just… command grab?

Q’s is what i told you, jab, command grab… easy as pie

ryu has a somewhat more difficult u can say… you need to know how to kara-throw…

kara-throw is cancelling a move in 3 frames into a throw…

ryu: forward+mp moves him forward alot dont you say? look at his feet… so what you do is:

forward+mp and then right away throw… it needs to be a 1,2 count… seriously it aint hard once u get it…

ryus tick throw i always do: usually theyre in the corner::

c.lk, kara-throw…
i think its possible to do c.lk, c.lp, karathrow aswell… it worked for me but i dont know if the comp walked forward or something… so

i hope i helped ya =)

when tick throwing, try not to use the same normal to go into the throw everytime, 'cuz you’re just asking for it :lol:.

with Ryu, for example, c. short is one of his best ticks into just a throw or you can kara. if you just throw, you hafta walk forward. anyway, you can vary your set-ups by maybe doing a close standing strong instead of a c. short. or a standing short instead of the c. short.

if you ever use Alex, he has lots of ways to get into throws or Powerbombs. you can use c. short -> Powerbomb. standing jab -> Powerbomb. you can even tick from a jumping fierce. yes. KSK does this. after a blocked jumping fierce, most people are inclined to think that an Alex player will go for a close standing forward -> jab Flash Chop or EX Flash Chop. KSK plays tricks on his opponents by waiting a split second and then doing a jab Powerbomb. if you immediately bust out the Powerbomb upon landing from a blocked jumping fierce, you’ll most likely whiff, so it’s important to wait that split second.

ok. enjoy :D.

the thing about throwing is: it cannot be comboed… thats why you have to wait a split second =) or else it will ‘try to combo’ and you will end up whiffing… means punishment

any (lk+lp) throw can be tech’d.

I seem to recall hearing somewhere that Alex and Makoto’s command grabs can be teched. Any truth to that?


No I understand that, im asking that if you correctly tick into a throw, is the throw guaranteed or does the opponent still get a chance to tick into it… I play against a really good alex and a really good hugo… it seems like the throws they get after a tick are promised.

Yes, it is true. I don’t know the timing exactly, but my bro has teched me out of powerbomb at least 2x, and once out of Karakusa. This is going by DC data.

you have to take his answer literally. every normal throw can be teched, whether ticked or not :slight_smile:

Concerning Q’s tick throw:

Probably it isn’t working because you are using the wrong version of Seize and Strike. Use RH. It has the longest startup, and these extra frames allow you to tick throw where the other versions will miss.

Tick throws-A staple in every SF. Basically you do a move that has an expected follow up, like c.short then just walk up and throw them. It’s great when unexpected, but since alot of people mash on throw in 3S when close it’ll probably be teched.

Yeah, i figured that out with Q… Thanks though folks…

Best tick throw in the game is (with Hugo, and using Gief move names since I forget what Hugos moves are named) Cross-up Down-Fierce, low short, running bear grab. Works like 95% of the time. Also UOH to 360 works a lot.

and he goes , " bump bump bump bump "

actually, no. you cannot tech out from a powerbomb or a karakusa. it’s a common mistake. the thing it, it’s alex or makoto who tech their opponent’s throws.

powerbomb and karakusa can tech opponent’s throws, but opponent cannot tech powerbombs or karakusas.

I don’t know about the power bomb, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen makoto’s karakusa being teched. Once, so it might be a mistake, though it’s hard to confuse the defensive and offensive animation when a throw is teched. I do acknowledge that it can tech throws, though, as I have personally done.

i don’t know about this what do you mean by tech ?
by the way power-bomb and harakusa can be quick-countered ?? reversal …right ?