Tick Throwing

Has there already been a thread on this topic? If so, I’ll delete this.

Do you think tick throwing is ok in HDR?

I was under the impression that tick throwing is part of the game and is an acceptable tactic. However, lately, some decent players in HDR have been complaining about it. I’ve even been accused of being a “tick thrower” by some of these “good” players even though I don’t tick all that much. I’ll occasionally tick, especially when the match is close and I’m close to the opponent. I don’t really have a problem with people ticking me either. There are ways to get out of it or counter it. There are ways of preventing it altogether.

I main Sim and one of his advantages is his throw range. So there will be times that I’ll use this advantage. Who wouldn’t?

What do you guys think of tick throwing? Is it acceptable or taboo?

its perfectly acceptible. anyone who says otherwise is SCRUBTACULAR and probably also complains about getting infinited to death in Marvel



Yes, it is. [/ thread]

I don’t throw ever. If somehow I accidentally use a throw and my opponent claims ‘respect’ then I let him throw me for free. It’s proper arcade etiquette you know.

KTM… here in northern cali, we have this stupid rule that started in the early 90’s. When we used to have sf2 original cabs in every 7-11, tic throwing was a no no cuz the ganstas will beat your ass :rofl:

Seriously, tic throwing… is the answer to turtles. And the answer to tic throwers… is reversing.

And I can’t believe stress factor removed me from his friends list cuz he thinks head butting from rog is cheap and that it’s equivalent to tic throwing. In fact… you’ll hardly ever see me tic throw but I’ll reverse that bish whenever I can (thanks PSN!)

I’ve fought against that guy. Don’t let him get to you. He’s not a terrible player by any means, and for the most part he’s respectful. The first time I played him, however, he sent me a nasty message because I spent almost the whole match punishing his tiger uppercuts. Other times I played against him have been more cordial.

If for some reason I coulndn’t tick throw in SF, I’d never play the game again.

Funny, this link goes to another thread about tick throwing started by Coth_X. We frequently play each other.

So should I close this thread or not? Or see how the poll pans out?

It’s really up to you and where you want to go with the game.

Let the poll go, I’d like to see what the results are. Considering the responses in my thread, I get the feeling that those who I won’t name(stress factor is one of them) will be in the definite minority.

It’s only ok if you’re playing E. Honda.


I see what you did there…


Yeah, the scrub-bug has hit HDR a bit lately. It’s disgusting. I can expect the anti-throw feedback from the usual scrubs, but there are some people who surprised me with that scrub-talk.

A topic as old as the game, and always sure to bring out the whiners.

Ticking can be abused in online play, and that is truly frustrating but I’ll deal with it. What gets me though is being called out for too many non-tick throws/holds.

I’m not a great tick thrower, so I don’t do it much. I do rely on throws/holds when the opportunity arises (auto-reaction). Don’t put yourself in that situation and I won’t throw you!

Ticking isn’t a skill its a lifestyle! No jk, but yeah its good knowledge just for the mixup.

Not that I need to divulge my weaknesses or tendencies because they are obvious to anyone who has played me many times. I definitely could learn to use mixups more frequently, so bring it on. I’ll be sure to be as cheap as possible when I play you, even if it means playing Honda! Hahah.

If you really wanna play cheap then choose akuma, and set up tick throws via air hado. Use RD traps too.


Gief would suck without tick throws lol.