Ticketmaster got screwed..we all win. free tickets!


i have 9 free pairs of free tickets and 9 vouchers waiting for me. prob from all the wwe and metal shows i went to in the early to mid 2000s.


I checked and don’t think I have any. Weird since during that period I bought a ton of tickets.

EDIT: Never mind. It only comes up on the desktop site, not the mobile site. I have quite a number of free tickets and even more discount codes. Bitchin’. Guess it’s time to go party it up.


Oh damn I got a bunch of em


I feel they’re going to completely fuck over people in big cities. No way they want to lose revenue from big draw acts by having a shit ton of people using these free codes.


Nice, I got a few free vouchers, too!


It works on mobile when you use that link the article though it shows up a bit wacky.


Good shit Maxx, i just logged in and have 3 free ones and looks like 5 discounts.


I can’t get a list of what events will allow me to use the ticket codes though.


Site keeps crashing for me. Will try again tonight

Trying to catch this Ye concert


me either…im hoping by the weekend itll be put together.