Tickets for SBO?

I tried searching for a main SBO thread but only found a ST thread. I also didn’t think this belonged in the Tournament section. Anyway, I’m currently deployed overseas but I will have R&R in September. Part of my plan is to take a trip to Tokyo and I will luckily be in town for Tokyo Game Show, which includes SBO. I don’t have means to translate the official site and their Facebook page has limited info as well on tickets. It said to contact this guy on Facebook but I haven’t recieved a response. From what I can gather from the Facebook page, you need to purchase the tickets in advance, as it will be sold-out day-of. Anyone here have any experience with going to SBO that could help me out? BTW, I believe tickets for both days is around 80 bucks… not sure if that included both TGS and SBO or just SBO.

just show up the day of and buy tickets at the door.
this guy who you speak of will to get you to buy expensive tickets when its really not necessary.

last years tougeki at TGS, i showed up in the morning, paid 800 yen i believe and this covered both by tgs entry and sbo entry.

if you want to participate in last chance quals, you need to buy a tougeki program.

Cool deal. I hope it’s easy for a non-Japanese speaker to purchase tickets. Are you going again this year? Perhaps any SRK members that are going do a meet-up?