Ticking into the meat squasher

Ok, I know there’s already a thread about the 360+K, but that thread is really old and this one is slightly different. It’s probably not technically a tick, but as everyone probably knows there are a ton of different moves that can put someone in block stun and leave them almost no time to jump/poke out of a short kick meat squasher. The moves I normally use are s.lk and lp clap, but because I use SA 3 I end up jumping in with hard kick or the splash fairly often (mixing it up with empty jump -> 360+P), and once people start to block that I’ve been finding that to be a fairly decent “tick” as well. What other moves do you guys use for this purpose? Also, has anyone found a good (i.e. not running in from across the screen) use for the mk or hk versions of this move?

Most the time i do 360 then meat squasher and somtimes with 720

do dash meat squasher.

cr lk meat squasher.

clap meat squasher

hcb+lk, mp and into meat squasher

(personally think best is UOH Splash+cr lk into meat squasher 80% time works)

eh can one of yall gimme the old thread on this “ticking” technique…imma lil lost.