Ticking: is it useful in this game?


I’m what I think is a beginner-to-intermediate level Zangief user. I main him whenever I play Championship mode online.

One strategy I haven’t tried much in this game is ticking into SPD. Since reversals in this game are relatively easy in comparison, it would be a lot easier to bust a tick throw.

I’m guessing a tick throw on occasion might not be so bad, but I’m curious how the good Gief users approach the idea.

Thanks a ton.

Not in the same way they were in ST or other SF2 games, if that’s what you’re wondering. Everyone can backdash and jump out in between the tick and the throw and quite a few characters have safe and damaging things like dragon punch focus attack dash cancel, so ticking into a throw doesn’t give much additional benefit compared to just doing the throw in the first place. Decide between whether to do a string of attacks or a throw. If you do a string of attacks, then if it hits then continue the combo and if not then consider whether to do a throw or not.