Ticks into throws

so, following the forum guidelines.

what are alex’s best ticks into throws. so far, I use s./c.lk, c.mk, rarely do I use close s.mk, gives me completely inconsistent results.

Does towards mp work, or does it push back/stun too long?

general ground ticks:

  1. crouching short - - jab power bomb
  2. UOH - - jab power bomb
  3. crouching short - - kara-throw (w/ towards+fierce)
  4. jab flash chop (hits) - - jab power bomb
  5. standing forward - - forward spiral DDT
  6. standing short - - forward spiral DDT

air ticks:

  1. jump jab/short - - jab power bomb
  2. jump fierce (wait a bit) - - jab power bomb
  3. jump forward (wait a bit) - - jab power bomb
  4. jump strong (whiff) - - jab power bomb

of course, it’s a lot better to mix these ticks up with some stuff like:

  1. crouching short -> crouching forward
  2. crouching short -> boomerang raid
  3. jump fierce -> standing forward -> jab/EX flash chop/boomerang raid

that way they’ll have to guess at what you’re going to do which makes the playing field in your favor…

whats the best way to dash into air stampede, and dash into elbow?

i don’t think that dashing into air stampede or elbow is useful since his dashes are so long that there’s like no surprise value towards it. plus the elbow is such a bad move since it only hits the opponent after he travels a certain distance which means he can get stuffed before the elbow comes out. you might as well just use EX elbow if you want surprise value.

i’m not that big a fan of charge partitioning for alex since i think his charge moves aren’t exactly the greatest. plus when you use alex, you want to be mobile and do power bombs or flash chops which means that it’s going to be hard to maintain a charge. only useful charge partition move sequence that i could see would be towards+strong - - air stampede. it’s not expected so you might hit with the air stampede. the other way that i usually use charge partitioning is when i’m knocked down, and i do quick recovery into air stampede. that works pretty well for me.

pocari sweat is a good drink ;0

yeah, i love the drink myself… i’ve been trying to find a good pic for my avatar but can’t find any good ones… ah well


thanks slimx!!!