Sweet, man. Due to the much shorter SPD range in this game compared to ST, I was under the impression that there were no SPD ticks now for Zangief, but I was wrong. Today I was trying it out, and low and behold, there are some!

s. forward to Spinning PileDriver
s. forward to Atomic Suplex
c. short to SPD
c. short to Atomic Suplex
and the coolest of all…
s. forward to Final Atomic Buster

Doing a j. down + fierce -> s. forward to AS takes off about a third of C groove Ryu’s health.

My estimation of Zangief’s power in this game just increased dramatically. I mean, I used him before and all, but now that I know I can do this… well, I suppose I’ll continue to use him.

Good luck trying to get in close enough to do those ticks, and NOT getting DP’d/countered if you DO.

Zangief is all about fierces and RCs in this game… or parry/JD if you’ve got it…

Actually I’ve found that it’s not that hard to get a tick in. It doesn’t happen often, only a couple times per match, but it takes off a lot of damage so it’s worth trying. If someone whiffs a dp or similar move, or if you have a roll and you roll under a fireball or something, or like you block a bison scissor kick, have this ready to go. Basically, most times where you would just do an spd or as, do a tick first. Most people don’t see Zangiefs very often, and most Zangiefs I’ve seen don’t tick, so I don’t think they’ll see it coming unless they’ve seen you spam it before.

If you have the opportunity to do an SPD or an AS, there is no reason you should ADD to the opponent’s reaction time by inserting a tick. I see that you are in Berkeley. Come to SVGL once (I’m boycotting Bearcade, so I can’t go there), and show me how you get these ticks in, because against the SVGL crowd, the only way I win is with pokes and tick-free grabs.

Deep/meaty c.mk to,fp. glowing fist… 360 ,or 720 after the glowing fist. It also works well after a crossup splash ,and after a jump-in with the opponet’s back to the corner.

Can you jump out of these ticks?

I hate Gief in this game… It feels like they made EVERY special worse in this game… except for the clothesline maybe.

Any RC strategies? RC lariat For AA I guess. what else? Green hand? Running bear grab?

Meh, I just did this is training mode one day and thought it was pretty sweet. I’ve tried it while playing people, and it is indeed hard to land. Not sure if it’s practical at all, really. Of course, I’m not that good with Zangief, so I can’t really land many spds anyway.

To tell you the truth I don’t know much about how hard or easy it is for the opponent to escape from the tick. I know in other games, like Super Turbo, it’s really hard to do but technically possible. You also can’t just jump out of the tick. My guess is that it’s the same in this game.

Hey what’s SVGL? Haven’t heard of it.

UltraDavid, basically Zangief is best played ‘in my honest opinion, being a Gief player for years’ when you know your opponents tendencies…If you know what your opponent is going to do to try to keep Gief off of you, and you know what those ranges are, you can really use that to your advantages…Good example is, When you are facing Sagat. And although a GOOD Sagat will almost always beat even a GOOD Gief, you can, through ‘conditioning’ make the match MUCH harder for Sagat or Cammy even. And Standing/Low Fierce is Gief’s main ground normal, but his Low RH is useful against a standing fierce happy Sagat. Then from there, you can set-up some wake up games…i.e. low jump splash (cross-up) low jump fierce (whiff), then cancel the landing into SPD/FAB if you have the meter to do it. I really don’t think it’s even worth playing Zangief if he isn’t AT LEAST ratio2, although I play him ratio3 or 4 exclusively. As a ratio4, even against a sagat/blanka/cammy team, you can land 1 or 2 moves, for every 6 they hit you and the match is even. Now this isn’t really practical, but in K groove, they hit you a few times, you get raged, they jump at the wrong time, or mess up a move, and you land super, against ANY ratio 1, a raged FAB will do at least 90% and killing about 80% of the characters…Now people say but what if you dont land it, maybe the opponent forgets that you are raged and jumps in then…or blanka balls, or spiral arrows, you can AA super and do HUGE damage just for their one tiny mistake. AA super is very underrated…it grabs so many things, even just slightly off the ground…except the normals that LOOK like they are off the ground, anything else it will grab. Hope this helps you understand…

svgl= sunnyvale golf land, probably one of the most competetive, if not THE most competetive arcade in north america. this is not that far from where you are so you should try to get over there if you can.

ticks do work, however; they are simply not as effective as previous incarnations of sf. you are better off landing non-tick spd’s as was stated by gunter, who is considered an authority on the character.

as far as rc’s the one i hear mentioned most often is the lariat as has been stated, as far as the rbg is concerned it seems like a good idea but rcing the spd would probably be the same as he doesn’t run all that fast anyway; maybe for extra range.

one question i have is whether anyone prefers to punish, say whiffed dp’s with def.cfkxfp glow hand which does the same damage as the fp spd iirc, but ofcourse adds to the stun meter?

ultradavid: Yes, in SF2 piledriver ticks were AMAZING. However, I guess Capcom thought they were too good and made them a LOT harder to land in the newer games. Then you could start jumping out of them. There are exceptions (knees into SPD in A2) but I don’t know of any great ticks in CVS2. Set your dummy opponent to jump and try your ticks when they land. In fact, there’s a moment after hitstun (and I think blockstun too) where you can’t throw them period… i dunno why. But you just can’t. Kinda like how you can’t throw them right when they get up or when they land on their feet from a hit. It’s not like ST, it seems you have to wait a little bit longer.

bleh… lvl3 air grab seems like his best move to me. VegasManiac is soooo right. It’s amazing. Whenever someone is in the air, (doesn’t matter where really, just do it :)) and they see it spark up they’re like “fuck…” grab, BOOM! big damage.

tactics: RC’d SPD is kinda pointless don’tcha think? It grabs right away anyhow. If they jump it won’t make you grab them any better… if they counter with a DP or invincible move it still won’t grab them. Just stop them from hitting you out of the SPD for a sec… and THEN they hit you. I guess if they’re going for a quick counter, you might avoid that RH flashkick or they might whiff that DP… but lets hope you recover before they do. RC invincibility won’t cover all your spd whiff animation.

But hey, if you can RC SPDs every time the more power to ya. :slight_smile: Go for it and post back with what counters it avoids safely. Or be a showman and use them to build meter thru FBs from far away. :slight_smile:

Bonus with the RC bear grab/suplex is that it stays out and will advance and grab and the first chance it can. unlike SPD.

well i wasn’t really suggesting to use rc spd as much as i was just refering to your question about rc’s besides lariat. i don’t rc neither this or the rbg myself but afaik if you were to use this you’d probably want to go with spd. reasons to do it would be 1 when you rc throws it increases their range 2. if some one is poking at you and you attempt this you would actually be able to grab them from even farther because your opponents limbs move their sprite closer in range.

actually if some one say ken tried to dp you to counter a throw you would still grab them as long as they were in the phase where their feet were on the ground, this goes for any other move as well rc or not.

why would you not necessarilly want to do this then? well iirc rc’ing a throw actually adds frames to it.

Not exactly true. It depends on the poke. If their poke MOVES them forward (for example moves that add frames to throw ranges in 3S), then yes, they move closer to your SPD range. Limbs like Dhalsim’s far pokes wouldn’t necessarily make him easier to grab.


It doesn’t really add frames. An RC is essentially two phases - the roll and the special. RC’s take away frames from the roll, but it’s not adding TO the grab per se. But at any rate, those roll frames are invincible. The drawback is that the RC’er can be thrown, but if the special grab is being used to GO THROUGH a poke, then the additional frames are irrelevant to startup… those frames are being used to go through the poke, plus you get range on the grab. Worth it.

Walk foward Lariat… (punch, or kick) to 720 super.

I play C groove Zangief I been using …walk up… s.lp wiff to 720. You Grief player’s could probally make more use of it in a running groove since most of you guy’s play K groove /N groove Grief?:confused: another "Tick combination " that has been really good to me Is …c.lp,c.lp,slk to 720!?:fury: Its sooooo fast. And less noticable that just doing s.lk/s.lp wiff to 720

No D

Question. I’ve been running up and meaty c. forward (or bait JD) into latiat if it connects, or FAB if they block. If they block the c. forward the FAB * always * seems to connect… , is it even possible to jump after duck blocking, or is all my comp just way too slow?

glad to know that this Zangief thread exist! Been using Zangief since CE till now and i can say that Gief is my only joy in this game everytime he goes up with the SPD.

Not that i wanted to, but i feel Gief without the Tick->SPD is kinda weak in the presence of faster players like Vega, Blanka and Cammy etc.

I have been playing with other players and somethimes they just do vertical jump and kick which i always been forced to roll forward and then got punished for tat! I know AS can do the counter, but just not enough when ur meter is not up yet.

I have seen a lot of topics on RC, basically i cant seems to pull one off…i practice a lot but still no go for me. Any fast tricks to do it correctly…(i can pull off FAB anytime…so i guess i should be fast enough to pull off the RC rite?)

Just play the recent Street Fighter AE and the Tick->SPD came back to me. Wish Capcom would throw this back in if there is another CVS3.

I also wish that Capcom would put a running super for Gief like the one in EXplus, just run and grab the opponent…that will be great!

Yeah I wish Greif had the… “mud hole stomping” super.
About “RC grief” you just have to get the timing that’s all.

I use standing lk with Grief to tick in to 720… any level.
I test my opponet with standing lk to see how they react.
first Ill do s.lk then wait a sec… If the jump Ill know their ready to escape a 720 tick. If they jump straight up just anti air them on way down.
Also If I you really think their going to jump after a s.lk, just wait a sec and jump straight up and use U fierce with Grief.
After this happens to them they usually run for the corner to avoid getting stuned.

No D

A good one is from a jump…either splash or pressing down and medium kick so he is knee landing. then tick a holding back down light kick and in the running grab…the only thing they can do is jump…they cant even super out of it if you have it tight enough. And if they get a bit smart…they will jump…so…instead of doing the grab…you do a level 2 or 3 air super.

First do the splash and finish combo into grab…you will almost certainly get this move the first time or even a few. When he starts to jump…let him…thinking he just found a way out of your trap…then when you have a level 3 do it again. But this time…after tick…dont do anything and wait for his jump…then super his ass out of the air.

Set ups…crossup splash…after a trip…then you can get a free splash or knee…I prefer the knee…pushes them back less so he is closer for your grab.

If they try to cross you up…just use the lariet. ppp.