Tidying up the Sakura forum



Suggest threads to be stickied or unstuck here.

What should be closed and what should be merged? Which first posts need updating?
I can do it all now but I won’t without your ideas and feedback first.


The stickies actually look pretty good. I did find one redundancy though: The “Sakura Combos - Schoolgirls hit hard!” thread. The Character specific combo sticky has all of her main combos and her char specific combos as well. Other than that, I think all of the stickies are good. And just in case you were considering removing Destin’s guide, I would vote any day to keep the destin guide stickied. That was a great starting guide for me.


Did you really become the Sak Mod?


Okay I’ll get started on that Combo Thread and update the first post. Destin’s guide is amazing! It helped everyone I’m sure. I don’t think it should be taken down either.

I noticed my “What SF4 thinks of the Sakura match up” thread has been deleted but I have no idea why anybody would do that. I was going to update it with the SSF4 characters. Oh well.

Nah they did me one better and made me mod of the whole ssf4 section. Now I have alot on my plate. But I’ll start here.


Wow, good for you dude!


I’m sorry for the delay guys I will soon get started but I’m rather busy right now. I’m admin on another site aswell.

I’ve just got done with some suggestions for SRK and some announcements:


Announcements - Super Street Fighter IV

And for anyone interested here is the thread where they decided the new mods. Thanks everyone who mentioned me. :tup:



http://shoryuken.com/f271/sakura-combos-schoolgirls-hit-hard-%5Bupdated-march-2011%5D-174879/ & http://shoryuken.com/f271/so-you-want-learn-sakura-online-1vs1s-newbie-sak-players-250219/ now updated first post. Let me know if you guys want more stuff updated around here in this thread or via PM. I’ll try to keep active around here since its my favourite forum on SRK but I also have to move on to the other character forums to see what I can do.


Post #110 onwards could be updated into the OP


Good stuff Flowers! :rock:


Alright I’ll get on that thanks.

Edit: I couldn’t add anything more to the first post on Blanka. Post text limit reached. I copied this post over to this thread but again, I couldn’t updated the first post any further with the combos.