Tien Thread - The Strongest Among Humans


Compiling character subthreads, post your tech/discussion here!

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Sparking 7 bars 100%

Choatzu oki

Fuzzy with yamcha

Sparking 50/50 2 touch kill


What are the options if I connect with Volleyball Fist? Right now I’ve just been taking the itty bitty free damage from the three hits, but I know there’s got to be more opportunities here.


You can do air super after the second hit. I imagine there must be extensions off it with assists as well. Might be able to cancel the first 2 hits with vanish too.




Quiet damaging for just two Level

Globally, everytime your opponent Slide in the Corner (214M or the 236H included), you can do Vegeta Assist to Level 1. Then tou can either do another Level 1, land and do an air combo (scaling is bad though) or a Dragon Rush to Snapback in the corner.

For 3 Level you can do 236H and two level 1 this way for a 40% Untechable Throw.


Nice music and choice of color bro.


Man, Tien hits soooooooo hard


Ya, Tien gets a lot out of 2 assists. He’s quite clearly a point to me, especially considering his stubbyish normals + EX c.grabs/chiaotzu stuff is very range dependent. He needs assists at all times to be able to get in on people. Anchor Tien ain’t real, unless he’s last character with 7 bars for some reason.


You also don’t want anchor Tien because of all the damage he does to himself when he’s the only one spending meter.


Running tien in the middle makes sense considering how good his dhc is


As point character, his has good tools to mess around and pretty good range with 5M en 5H. But he’s a bit weak in the air IMO.

He has a very good 2L as well. And if your opponent is lockdown from a distance, I think you can force a 50/50 with IAD j.M j.L 2L or j.M 2L. On Big character he can even to IAD j.M j.LL.

Once he is in he can mix low and overhead whenever he wants with 236L which is safe and 214L (don’t if this one is). And of course his EX command grab to put in the mix.

For me his goal is to use combo that will finish in the corner with a HKD/slide. Then he should be able to use Chaozu to force the opponent to block and go for another mixup.

He also hit like a truck.

As support character his beam as quiet a lot of application. It doesn’t force big blockstun like Vegeta, Goku or Goku Rose but you can use it to confirm a 6M anywhere on screen.

With some character you can even use it as a combo extender. ie with Mystik Gohan you can finish a combo with classic j.LLL call Tien at the exact same time as the last L (or H) Land faster with 2S and restart an air combo with SJ j.MLL etc… wherever on screen.
Ginyu can take advantage of that as well.


5000 meterless Tien w/ Vegeta


Thanks to @“Evil Canadian” for this piece of information: End with Chiaotzu in your combos if you can


Okay, as far as I have been able to tell the easiest meterless conversion off of Volleyball Fist is Adult Gohan’s assist called immediately after the light version of the third hit of the rekka. It allows Tien to immediately continue the combo in the air.

Also, important to use hcf or hcb + assist call in combos to keep Tri-beam use to a minimum.


Piccolo assist is pretty easy for that too. If you press assist + L on the finisher it sets the enemy perfectly for a 2H before landing.


no meter/ no assist

2m5m [jc] 5m2h [persue] 5m2h [jc] 5L5L2h xx 236 2

4210 + a HKD
works anywhere on screen
anybody know a better 0 meter/0 assist combo?


There is any. Tien is pretty straight forward. Do you let the first 5L hit twice before pushing the second L ? Should add extra damage if not.


I actually tested that and you do less damage if you let both connect. At least from a 2L x 2 starter

At least from what I remember. Someone else should test it out