Tien Thread - The Strongest Among Humans


Running tien in the middle makes sense considering how good his dhc is


As point character, his has good tools to mess around and pretty good range with 5M en 5H. But he’s a bit weak in the air IMO.

He has a very good 2L as well. And if your opponent is lockdown from a distance, I think you can force a 50/50 with IAD j.M j.L 2L or j.M 2L. On Big character he can even to IAD j.M j.LL.

Once he is in he can mix low and overhead whenever he wants with 236L which is safe and 214L (don’t if this one is). And of course his EX command grab to put in the mix.

For me his goal is to use combo that will finish in the corner with a HKD/slide. Then he should be able to use Chaozu to force the opponent to block and go for another mixup.

He also hit like a truck.

As support character his beam as quiet a lot of application. It doesn’t force big blockstun like Vegeta, Goku or Goku Rose but you can use it to confirm a 6M anywhere on screen.

With some character you can even use it as a combo extender. ie with Mystik Gohan you can finish a combo with classic j.LLL call Tien at the exact same time as the last L (or H) Land faster with 2S and restart an air combo with SJ j.MLL etc… wherever on screen.
Ginyu can take advantage of that as well.


5000 meterless Tien w/ Vegeta


Thanks to @“Evil Canadian” for this piece of information: End with Chiaotzu in your combos if you can


Okay, as far as I have been able to tell the easiest meterless conversion off of Volleyball Fist is Adult Gohan’s assist called immediately after the light version of the third hit of the rekka. It allows Tien to immediately continue the combo in the air.

Also, important to use hcf or hcb + assist call in combos to keep Tri-beam use to a minimum.


Piccolo assist is pretty easy for that too. If you press assist + L on the finisher it sets the enemy perfectly for a 2H before landing.


no meter/ no assist

2m5m [jc] 5m2h [persue] 5m2h [jc] 5L5L2h xx 236 2

4210 + a HKD
works anywhere on screen
anybody know a better 0 meter/0 assist combo?


There is any. Tien is pretty straight forward. Do you let the first 5L hit twice before pushing the second L ? Should add extra damage if not.


I actually tested that and you do less damage if you let both connect. At least from a 2L x 2 starter

At least from what I remember. Someone else should test it out


good catch
letting the first L hit twice bumps the combo to 4250


Yep tried myself and it seems to be optimum with a 2M5M Starter. If you start with a L or 2L, you’d better squeez as much hit as possible. ie 2L 2M 5M j.MLL2H j.MLL.2H j.L(2hit)L2H236M should be optimum.

Also note that for better oki if you’re opponent is not near corner, you’d better switch the last part with j.L(2Hit)LL as you fall near the opponent. With 236M you fall vertically.

4400 ish corner combo with the 236H , 3 bars and Vegeta assist
236H call Vegeta ~ Lvl1 Tri Beam Super Dash j.ML2H j.L(2Hit)L Lvl Tri Beam. You can end the combo with j.L(2Hit)L2H236M but no slide possible there. Will do a small clip in few hours.


Off a blocked crane dive if you air dash M it will cross up. If you delay it ever so slightly you will hit them in the front. If you do nothing your crouch m will be in the perfect spot to hit.

On hit you can call assist then super in the corner to get a combo, or you can run your chiaotzu mixups.


Looking for a basic tien solo combo? Check it out


No j.2H 236M finisher, that’s a lack of Tien’s combo potential knowledge. This is his main way to end a combo in the air.


Krillin is (somehow) canonically stronger than Tien ftr.


My latest Tien super friend is actually Napa. Napa assist gives all kinds of easy extensions to Tien stuff, and Tien assist fills a real gap in Napa’s game. Napa assist also combos easily into Farewell Chiaotzu.



So I had some trouble with dealing with Farewell Chiaotzu done in neutral due to unfamiliarity, figuring there was something I’m missing from getting out of GG/MvC throws and knowing how to prevent it from happening (such as pressing absolutely nothing to avoid throws, which doesn’t work). With that said, going to post multiple situations how to deal with it (keep in mind there are situations where the person getting Farewell Chiaotzu’d could be screwed/guaranteed to get hit by it):


  • If you are “in the air” and do NOT have an invincible move/Sparking invincibility activation/any teammates available & ready for raw tag/any meter to perform vanishing attack… you are very likely going to get hit from Chiaotzu in most situations without any way to deal with it (aside backdashing, which even that maybe strict depending on how close the player is to Chiaotzu upon the freeze frame).
  • Anytime that the Tien user calls Chiaotzu while an assist is out “in neutral”, the cmd grab flag from Chiaotzu will cancel out. However, it does NOT come into effect during a combo.

-Situations (Grounded)-

  • Crouching avoids Chiaotzu guaranteed. Easiest option to do without spending anything to counter it. Follow up with running 2M combo of choice.

-Situations (Air [including Snapback])-

  • Raw tag (Z Switch). Works if you have a “teammate available” to switch. To state the obvious, it does NOT work against snapback due to the cooldown flag initiated by the snapback itself.
  • Vanishing Attack can be used to avoid it. Just “HOLD” it during the freeze frame when Chiaotzu comes out, and everything should be good to go. As a side note, with Sparking already activated, Vanishing Attack can be held to avoid the attack portion, opening up strong punishes.
  • Any air special move with invincibility can avoid it (Vegeta SSJ’s jDP for example). In most cases, it will not hit the opponent and leave Tien open for strong punishment.
  • Sparking Activation. Invincibility avoids the Chiaotzu grab, while it gives enough time for the player to run up and punish Tien.
  • Backdash. Really difficult if positioned close to Chiaotzu upon startup.
  • Any air super with invincible properties. Not worth it in most cases.

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition

Been playing around with Tien in training mode.
Meter less BnBs:

His air L is a a double hit, I put in parentheses when to use 1 or 2 hits.

Crouch M, M, jump cancel, ML (1 hit L), D+HH, L (2 hit L) L, D+H, double jump cancel, L (2 hit L) L, D+H xxx 236 M - 4187 damage.

Also did some supers at the end of the above combo and this is what I got:

5147 with level 1 kikoho
5837 shin kikoho
6387 shin kikoho 4 meters
6937 5 meters
7487 6 meters
8037 7 meters
6347 farewell chaotzu.

Crouch L, LL, Crouch M, M, jump cancel, ML (1 hit L), D+H, H, L (double hit L) L, D+H, double jump cancel, L (double hit L) L, D+H xxx 236M - 3412 damage

IAD H, MM, S, HH, ML (1 hit L), D+H, double jump cancel, L (double hit L) L, D+H xxx 236 M - 3747 damage

Neglected to do supers at the end of these last two.


If you have an assist that will do a close re-launch, you can replace “jump cancel, ML (1 hit L), D+H” with “xx Volleyball Fist (L, L, L+A), falling M, D+H”.

More damage, more meter. Even if you just start the sequence with a raw Volleyball you’ll still end up building more than a meter.

Depending on the assist, timing can vary a little, and you might get a bit more or a bit less at the “falling M” step (sometimes might have to go for falling LL instead for example).

Nappa and Fat Buu assists work so well for it you can basically autopilot the sequence. Teen Gohan you have to replace falling M with falling L. Piccolo, Beerus, 21 you can hit falling M but the timing is a little tighter. A.Gohan works but you have to manually time the assist call a little differently. SSJ Vegeta gives you all day to hit whatever. I’ve gotten it to work with a few others (SSB Goku off the top of my head), but the timing was fiddly to the point where I’m not sure I could get the timing consistently.