Tier discussion

I know I know, everyone hates tier lists, but I figure the game has been out for a little bit, we’ve had some major tournaments, so we might as well discuss it.

If there’s a better place for this discussion, or if this thread is found to be unnecessary, I guess I don’t care if it’s locked or whatever, I just thought it might prove to be useful.

The game is pretty balanced in my opinion, but I think some characters are better than others of course. So… post your lists, your thoughts on matchups, tournament viability, etc.! Also, please don’t flame just for the concept of tier lists in TvC.

We are going to have a tier discussion later in the IRC. Later as in when everyone is in it and done with vacation. Still a little early for Tier discussion just a little lol.

22 pages of tier discussion over here: http://shoryuken.com/f306/tvc-uas-tier-list-speculation-thread-224121/
Afaik nothing is widely agreed upon. (Except Zero is A+ tier)

We will have a harden discussion come maybe next week.

What’s the point of scheduling one if we have just have it here in this thread as people come?

Cause scheduling cool lol. Whatever we can talk about it. Yatterman 1 number 1. That is all.

alrighty. When I went to the IRC no one was there, but I guess i’ll keep checkin it.

Stay in the irc I’m in there all the time.

is yatterman 1 really number 1 just because of that tournament?

I don’t think he’s ACTUALLY the single best character, but he’s most likely in the top tier.

Here’s the thing I find strange about karas. I mean sure, he’s hard to use because his execution requirement is so high, but does that equate to being hard to win with? I didn’t see many Karas players at EVO, only that one time Justin W picked him and I saw someone using him when I walked by some of the pools.

I find him really easy to win with. After little to no practice you can put together like 20 hit combos like it’s nothing. It’s weird that he gets such little play.

I really think yatterman 1 is retarded. Really fast, all over the place, controls space, and really good damage.

y1 is definitely a good character. karas could be a little better. he can string shit together like nobody’s business but it still ends up dealing small amounts of damage. that and he eats shit from everyone. regardless of that, i think he’s really fun to play. his epic combos are entertaining.

i think soki is pretty beastly. i understand that you can learn to block his stuff properly, but that can be done with anyone. his jab is insane, he can continue combos for days on end, tons of assists help his combo, his supers are easy to combo into, one of his supers gives him all sorts of crazy abilities, he has super-armor moves, counter moves and a good amount of health.

yeah but that only talks about character strengths, what is really more important is talking about matchups. For example, what the hell can Soki do vs the giants?

other than the giants does he have any bad matchups? the giants make a tier list kind of difficult. they have their own set of rules behind them.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but can’t any decent player just lose one match with their main team, then just play Zero and any other counter-giant character against the giants and pick up the next 2?

It could be argued that the giant player has the advantage in that situation. For the 3rd match, you are stuck using an alternate team and he can pick whatever counter he wants.

Great point. Silly me.

an overall tier list that includes every playable character makes perfect sense, but i think there should also me a non-giant tier list. going back to soki, for example, it can be argued that he is pretty high tier because of how he works against normal characters but he has jack-shit to work with against the giants. those dumb giants screw this game up.