Tier List Debating

As far as I’ve known, MvC2’s tier list is almost nearing concrete form. But some random gamefaqs member enlightened me by saying that MvC2’s tier list is still heavily debated, especially for the top tier characters. All I want to know is what is honestly being debated at this point, since I’ve never seen any thread on any forum talking about such things?

I saw that post as well =P

if you’re refering to me, i don’t know who the hell you are mr april 2007? mixup says cykes is 5th, hella IM heads say IM is 5th, kai believes strider is fifth and that doom > IM (and cykes i believe), stilt says BH is still up in the top tier. everyone has their own opinions about the top, there is no definate tier list for that

IM is basically maxed out as a character. Strider is not maxed out as a character but as of now, its really close for listing tiers. So how do you decide who gets the 5th? do you say IM because he’s figured out or do you say strider because what he has potetnially?

strider IMO, is close to about half of he’s capable of and if strider is already competeting with IM for a higher spot, when strider is maxed out he’ll easily be ahead of IM.

these thread usually get no where. IMO, scrubs shouldn’t be allowed to talk about this and I count myself as one of those scrubs. This is something that the guru’s should decide on with players specializing in the skill characters like IM\Strider being present to explain things.

I can easily make my case why strider is 6th easily and why he deseverves a spot over IM any day. I posted some next level shit today in the strider thread and talked to clock the other day so I know these things are brand new and will make strider better.

forgetting spiral if anything


I was editing my post while you were qutoing me. I couldn’t remember who else was up there so I just deleted that part.

yea spiral is up there

its god tier
then Blackheart and Dr.Doom
then everythings up in the air

who cares.

sakura and captain america deserve to be in middle portion of the Low Tiers instead of the lower portion of the Low Tiers.

Are you Yukinose? And I’ve only recently owned a computer, so it isn’t like I could’ve joined earlier.

Anyways, I feel Iron Man should be 5 since he’s probably the most useful of the top tier as point, and decent as an assist.


A lot of the mid to low tier characters need to be switched around IMO.

yes, i am yukinose.

and thanks for proving my point - saying shit like “all the tiers are set in stone” and then listing a tier list on gfaqs that you don’t even agree with

Well, I sort of misunderstood the point of the thread. Either way, I do apologize for my arrogance, I don’t feel like having people hate me online.

To my mind, there’s only a handful of characters who can be said to be maxed out. Mags, Storm, Sentinel all are probably the closest. Cable, Iron Man, Doom, Strider, etc, are all up there as well. But the beauty of this game, and the reason why we keep coming back for more, is that after all these years**, a player like Shin can level up a low tier like Chun Li. And we saw it with Magnetro’s Dhalsim too.

This isn’t even yet considering things like the Strider/Doom entity. Individually they sit somewhere in the middle (i refuse to get more specific, fuck tiers, they suck the fun right out of marvel). But together, they can beat out any of the top tiers. If your execution is on point you can walk all over ** anyone. And Spiral/Sent can exercise a similar kind of dominance. But what about random shit like Cable/Juggs…?

I feel like it’s this kinda shit that is gonna keep marvel fresh, so fuck tier lists, and peace to “low” tiers.

To me Marvel is the world’s greatest Puzzle game-- i guess that’s all im really tryin to say.


lol Marvel is deep, like Chess…

But chess is more civilized.

Given, but Marvel brings the Hype.

it’s all good

From what I’ve seen, for the most part the God tier and Top tier list are pretty much concrete.

It is the low/mid-tiers that usually sees the most debate(Zangief: Roll tier?).

Do they even have to be in any order?
God is settled, done.
Top has strider, ironman, cyclops, spiral, bh, doom, strider, end it. Who cares about order? Out of quantity seen, I’d say ironman is top, followed by cyclops, then doom, then strider, then spiral, bh. That’s based on how many you see.

I’d say:
(very debatable)

But like many others have said, order isn’t that important.
More-so who is in it, those 6 seem like top tier so let em be.

for the record, i don’t think strider’s top tier without doom, or at least sentinel.