tier list for kof94-99


i find it crazy how the most played fighting game on the planet is kof98 or 2002. go over to fightcade and see what 2 games have 200+ people playing in the kof lobbys vs sf3s having 100 max. yet there’s hardly any kof forums online and no good strategy or info to get into the games. trying to find tier list for the older games is impossible. id love to get them from mexico or china where high level play is.


KoF '96:
Broken: Iori
Braindead: Mature
Competitive: Everyone Else
Trash: Vice

I do not play anything else outside of King of Fighters '98: Final Edition.


whhos top in fe i know um was krauser geese iori but cant find a legit fe list


Orochi, Omega Rugal, Goenitz, Orochi Leona, and Orochi Iori but they are banned. I haven’t explored the game’s cast enough to say anything other than Orochi Shermie is trash tier, Krauser was toned down to avoid being banned, and most of the lower tier and mid tier characters received buffs relative to King of Fighters '98 UM.


cyberfanatix had some good kof discussion when the forums were still around…the thing is no one really discusses these older kof’s anymore. The majority of us who still play it know it inside n out by now. Kinda like ppl who still play ST. I can tell you 98 high tiers imo are
Chiz, Daimon, O.Chris, Iori
O.Yash, Kyo, Robert, Chris, Ralf, Beni,
Terry, Chang, Takuma, Clark, Joe, 94 Ryo, Mai

the rest is a honestly up in the air. The game is balanced enough that low and mid tiers can beat top tiers in the right hands…hence why knowledgeable players often play random select. If you want to know anything specific to 98 I’ll be glad to help.


i find it funny you have terry so high i never see terry do well at all terry loses 8 out of 10 matches you see him in it seems only n kof 97 did i see him win i remember back n the day i never saw kyos then past few years i see tons of kyos online and china considers him top tier now when they use to all ride iori and goro


Terry is definitely viable in 98 if you know how to use him effectively. He is a mid-range pressure type of character. Definitely not top tier that’s why I put him in the 3rd tier.
He has good combo damage,
good pressure capability with a lot of blockstring variations to keep your opponent at mid-range where you want them.
A lot of his moves can also be used as pokes at mid-range quite safely(qcbA, hcfB, qcfA),
good damage from low with his crB, crA, df+C strings which can be applied in high/low mixups.
Easy DM comboablility.
good crossup capability with both jC and jD,
Instant overhead with jD.
Decent anti-airs with dpC and especially with the invincibility of dpB/D.
His cl stD is also really good. It can activate from quite far like kyo’s stC. It’s even safe as pressure against waking grapplers when spaced properly.
He has a lot of good options and quite well rounded.
The only thing is his main BnB combos utilizing his df+C are a bit harder to get down if your a beginner.


Builds meter fast to