Tier list for Missions?

Im new to using my arcade stick and trying to learn from links and what not and Im trying to figure out what missions are good from easiest to hardest. Never saw a discussion like this (I will be posting this on basically on all threads to help me out) and I would appreciate if possible vanilla games be included. Thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile:

Hsien-Ko missions are really easy because she doesn’t have enough tools to create unique or difficult combos.

All of MvC3 missions are a piece of cake/joke

Get KOF13 if you want some actually tough missons. Some of them might actually make you want to break your new arcade stick (I know I have a couple times lol)

Why do we need a tier list for Mission mode? we should have a tier list for placement on the character selection screen more so.
Ryu’s missions are also pretty easy.

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Try asking around in the Newbie forums, OP.

Why do you need to know about missions anyway?