Tier List for Project Justice?

how’s the tier list in Project Justice?

RumbleRoses isn’t even technically a fighting game.

Rumble Roses?!?

Do NOT lump ProJus in with that…that THING.

Project Justice tier list

S rank:Momo,Kurow,Nagare,Roy,Hideo
A rank: Kyosuke, Hayato, Roberto, Powered Akira, Yurika, Daigo, Wild Daigo, Hyo / Demon Hyo
B rank: Hinata, Shoma, Natsu, Akira, Zaki, Kyoko, Burning Batsu
C rank: Batsu, Ran, Tiffany, Boman, Edge, Vatsu
D rank: Iincyo/Chairperson, Gan

this is going from years of experience playing the game along with going by the persona and DJI vids, granted, everyone in the game is universally good except Iincyo and Gan has horrific matchups, but its one of those games where everyone can potentially win ( unlike CVS2 ).

I’ll post a Rumble Roses one later…but why have those in the same thread? :confused:

oh thank you

Momo and Roy are S? wow, I thought Roy was C or D

I didn’t want to open 2 threads, then I put the 2 questions in one. But the moderator edited it =(

Natsu is a B and Ran a C? Can’t be right, I thought Ran would be a B at least. :confused:

Can someone explain the whole s, a, b, c, d rank thing to me? I’m used to A being the best, like a report card. Needless to say, I’m always wondering if I did well after every round of Real Bout Fatal Fury 2…

S Rank USUALLY means Broke Rank, or God Tier.

roy got infinites and a free combo right after an OTG .

his anti air juggle can lead to a free combo after the opponent falls to the ground .

not to forgot that he got unblockables .

Are you kidding me Roberto totally owns the game?

Momo and Roy are the only ones who can barely stand up to him.

where can I find some matches or combo videos?

Theres a couple here. I dunno if they update them or not, they’re pretty old.

That’s all I know of, this game barely gets love, which saddens me. :frowning:

Also, I’m suprised Roberto isnt S… Im kinda suprised to see Hideo up there though. But I dont know too much about this game so oh well.

roy can do his infinites easily on roberto :rolleyes: .

turtle wise , i don’t know .

I could’ve sworn that S tier was Roberto, Momo and Kyosuke…but then again, tiers can change. I’ll play this game after I get my dreamcasts


Just picked up this game again today, and I was wondering how teammaking worked.

Do people just pick their three best characters, or is there some sort of synergy that has to be used (like how in MvC2 there are some characters who work well with certain assists, even if those two characters separately aren’t the best, and how in CvS2 all three characters need to work well in the same groove)? Do people generally have one character on permanent fighting and the other two on assists or actually rotate?

Dang, why can’t this game get its own strategy section? :rolleyes:

Having more then one character as “S” ranked really defeats the porpose of an S rank i think. I think its suppose to mean someone who is in a league of their own (Like Eddie from reload) , but with 5 characters in “S” rank it might as well be “A”

That’s just how Japanese do it. S is above A. Personally I don’t think the gap between S and A is supposed to be bigger than the gap between any other rankings.

Dont play project justice but just wondering how you do the roy infinite? I dont play it but my friends do and Ive never heard of it. Anyboy please clarify? Thanks in advance.


I’ll have to agree with kane; as with RS, Roberto is just too frickin’ good in PJ.

And stee, you’ll have to consider turtle wise as well. While Roy has an infinite, I think Rob’s a little easier to use and more reward with less risk.

Numbering mine:

1.It’s more of the former. Teamups and party ups have different benefits, but it matters little IMO. The former can be canceled by the opponent activating the poking minigame, and the latter is meter-intensive and often hard to land. So yeah, for all intents and purposes, it’s a “pick your best 3 characters” affair.

  1. A couple of threads in Other Games is fine; don’t be lazy, just use the search function. I think it’s an okay game, I don’t think the “demand” is high enough to warrant a separate subforum.

Do you think Natsu would rank lower? Her zoning power and high-low is still there. Zoning is even nastier than before because her volleyball ricochets in PJ.

Ran OTOH has only two(?) moves and has to reload her camera after every few shots.


Makoto is top tier ;F