Tier List for trails?

Im new to using my arcade stick and trying to learn from links and what not and Im trying to figure out what trails are good from easiest to hardest. Never saw a discussion like this (I will be posting this on basically on all threads to help me out) and I would appreciate if possible vanilla games be included. Thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile:

What in the shit are trails?

He means Trials, i’m guessing.

I was trying to figure it out myself. I still dont understand the overall post. Easiest to hardest? Arent they in order in that way for every character already.

lol this thread again

this guy smells like troll to me

I found T. Hawk, Dee-Jay, Akuma, and M. Bison to have easy trials. Cody’s are easy except for the last one, same with Rose.

not trolling, im clearly trying to find whats the hardest characters to learn, if your not going to contribute, why post?

How about you pick a character you like and go ape shit. lol All those threads are straight up trolling.

S tier: Dysentery, Typhoid
A tier: Measles, cholera
B tier: Snakebite, Exhaustion
C tier: Drowned, Broken Leg

Tier list for Oregon Trails.

Most difficult trials? C. Viper and Gen